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South Pool is a village in the South Hams district of Devon, England.

South Pool is located within South Hams local authority area. Historically it formed part of Coleridge Hundred. It falls within Woodleigh Deanery for ecclesiastical purposes. The Deaneries are used to arrange the typescript Church Notes of B.F.Cresswell which are held in the Westcountry Studies Library. The population was 412 in 1801 296 in 1901 . Figures for other years are available on the local studies website. In 1641/2 96 adult males signed the Protestation returns.

South Pool During World War II[edit]

A lot of the villagers have shared their stories about what South Pool was like during the Second World War. The most famous story is probably that of Farmer Chase. A lot of people don’t realise that when the bombers had been over the big cities, and in this case Plymouth, they would drop any unused bombs on their way back home to conserve fuel. This meant various towns & villages were inadvertently damaged. This very thing happened to Farmer Chase one night when a bomb landed in his garden. The rumour goes that Farmer Chase was so shocked by the noise that he ran all the way from South Pool to North Pool in nothing but his night shirt! In fact, you can still see the imprint left from the bomb on the large farm on your left as you drive out of the village towards Kingsbridge (source : ).