Rionegro (TransMilenio)

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Suba Calle 95 C San Martín
Location Avenida Suba
with Calle 91
Neighborhood Suba
Opened April 29, 2006

The simple station Rionegro is part of the TransMilenio mass-transit system of Bogotá, Colombia, which opened in the year 2000.


The station is located in northwestern Bogotá, specifically on Avenida Suba with Calle 91.

It serves the Rionegro and La Castellana neighborhoods.


In 2006, phase two of the TransMilenio system was completed, including the Avenida Suba line, on which this station is located.

The station is named Rionegro, as it is located two blocks from the location where Avenida Suba crosses the Rionegro canal, which runs west of the Juan Amarillo River. The canal runs from the east, from the El Virrey channel through El Virrey park.

The neighborhood located to the west of the station takes the same name; Rionegro.

Station services[edit]

Main line service[edit]

Services rendered since April 29, 2006
Kind Routes to the North Routes to Noroccidente South Routes
Local C4 H4
Express monday to saturday morning and afternoon
peak hours
B50 C61
Express Monday to Friday
Valley time
C71 G71
Express Saturdays
from 3:00 p.m. At 11:00 p.m.
C71 G71

Feeder routes[edit]

This station does not have connections to feeder routes.

Inter-city service[edit]

This station does not have inter-city service.

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