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Rishra at the Alan Keef open day in 2008
Type and origin
Power typeSteam
BuilderBaguley Cars Ltd
Serial number2007
Build date1921
 • Whyte0-4-0T
Gauge2 ft (610 mm)
Fuel typecoal
Valve gearBaguley valve gear

Rishra (works number 2007) was built in 1921 by Baguley Cars Ltd. Following a working life in India it is now preserved at the Leighton Buzzard Light Railway, Buckinghamshire, England.

It is the one of only 31 Baguley steam locomotives built.[1]


Baguley Cars Ltd took the order on 7 July 1919 for their works number 2007 2 ft (610 mm) 0-4-0T locomotive and delivered in on 28 November 1921 to Light Railways Ltd.[1]

The locomotive was used by the Calcutta Corporation for shunting coal wagons at a water pumping station in Barrackpore, India.[2]

Left abandoned in undergrowth, it was rescued in 1963 by Michael Satow[a], a senior executive of Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI), who had the locomotive restored at the Hooghly Docking and Engineering Company, Rishra, Kolkata (Calcutta).[2][b]

It was repatriated to the Leighton Buzzard Light Railway in England by Satow in 1971.[2]

She is one of only four preserved locomotives fitted with Baguley valve gear, similar to the Bagnall-Price gear which was adopted by Bagnall after Ernest E. Baguley left that firm.[citation needed]



  1. ^ Satow founded the Indian National Rail Museum in New Delhi.[2]
  2. ^ It seems likely this is the origin of naming of the locative as Rishra.


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