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River East Transcona School Division (RETSD) is a school division located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is the second largest school division in the province. It is composed of parts of what used to be two separate divisions the Transcona part of the Transcona-Springfield School Division and River East School Division, which merged in 2002.

RETSD provides educational services to approximately 17,700 students in 42 schools. The division employs approximately 1,200 teachers and 650 support staff, and offers English, French Immersion, English-German Bilingual, and Ukrainian Bilingual programming. It also offers an international education program, as well as adult and continuing education.

Board Officers[edit]

The superintendent/CEO of RETSD is Kelly Barkman, who was preceded by Dennis Pottage. The superintendent reports to the board of trustees, who are responsible for appointing the superintendent.

The members of the 2014-2018 board of trustees are:

  • Colleen Carswell, 2002–present
  • John Toews, 2006–present
  • Eva Prysizney, 2006–present
  • Peter Kotyk, 2002–present
  • Rod Giesbrecht, 2014-present
  • Brian Olynik, 2014-present
  • Jerry Sodomlak, 2014-present
  • Michael West, 2014-present

Other members who attend board meetings are:

  • Kelly Barkman, superintendent/CEO
  • Jason Drysdale, assistant superintendent
  • Karen Boyd, assistant superintendent
  • Greg Daniels, assistant superintendent
  • Joan Trubyk, assistant superintendent
  • Vince Mariani, secretary-treasurer
  • Anita Werbowski, assistant secretary-treasurer
  • Gay Caithness, recording secretary


Schools in River East Transcona are listed below.

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