River Ore, Suffolk

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For the river in Scotland, see River Ore, Fife.

The River Ore is the name of the final section of the River Alde in Suffolk, England from just above Orford to the sea.[1] It has one tributary, the Butley River, and Havergate Island is found at their confluence.

The river passes mainly through marshland and shingle or sand beaches, most of which is now owned by the National Trust as the "Orford Ness National Nature Reserve". Before the National Trust took ownership of this land, it was the site of a secret military base where tests with radar were carried out during the Cold War.

Where the Ore meets the seas is the setting for Meg Rosof's moving book What I Was.

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Coordinates: 52°02′36″N 1°27′44″E / 52.0433°N 1.4621°E / 52.0433; 1.4621