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Kronberg in 2000

Leif Robert Kronberg (born August 15, 1976 in Göteborg, Västra Götaland) is a Swedish male hurdler of Serbian descent.

He finished 8th in the 110m hurdles final at the 2000 Olympics. He competed again in the 2004 Olympics, reaching the semi-finals. He has also been a regular competitor in the World Championships in Athletics, being present at every event since 1997. His best position has been a 5th place in the 2003 World Championships held in Edmonton.

He finished 7th in the final of the 110m hurldes at the 2002 European Athletics Championships in Munich and 5th in the final of the same event in the 2006 European Athletics Championships in Gothenburg.

In 2007 he recorded a version of Hammerfall's "The Fire Burns Forever", notable for his mic being down so low you can barely hear him. Live videos of the event show him drowning out singer Joacim Can's during the first verse of the song before he microphone was turned down for the remainder.

Kronberg is also a Swedish national champion in inline hockey while playing for the Gothenburg Jokers.[1]

Competition record[edit]

Year Competition Venue Position Event Notes
Representing  Sweden
1994 World Junior Championships Lisbon, Portugal 10th (sf) 110 m hurdles 14.21 (wind: +1.9m/s)
1995 European Junior Championships Nyíregyháza, Hungary 2nd 110 m hurdles 14.16
1997 World Indoor Championships Paris, France 19th (h) 60 m hurdles 7.79
European U23 Championships Turku, Finland 3rd (sf) 110 m hurdles 13.77 (wind: +1.6m/s) [2]
World Championships Athens, Greece 27th (qf) 110 m hurdles 13.73
1998 European Indoor Championships Valencia, Spain 22nd (h) 60 m hurdles 7.82
1999 Universiade Palma de Mallorca, Spain 6th 110 m hurdles 13.80
World Championships Seville, Spain 22nd (qf) 110 m hurdles 13.56
2000 European Indoor Championships Ghent, Belgium 6th 60 m hurdles 7.64
Olympic Games Athens, Greece 8th 110 m hurdles 13.61
2001 World Indoor Championships Lisbon, Portugal 4th 60 m hurdles 7.57
World Championships Edmonton, Canada 5th 110 m hurdles 13.51
Universiade Beijing, China 3rd 110 m hurdles 13.40
2002 European Indoor Championships Vienna, Austria 5th 60 m hurdles 7.67
European Championships Munich, Germany 7th 110 m hurdles 13.63
2003 World Indoor Championships Birmingham, United Kingdom 7th 60 m hurdles 7.67
World Championships Paris, France 12th (sf) 110 m hurdles 13.60
2004 World Indoor Championships Budapest, Hungary 6th 60 m hurdles 7.59
Olympic Games Athens, Greece 12th (sf) 110 m hurdles 13.42
2005 European Indoor Championships Madrid, Spain 3rd 60 m hurdles 7.65
World Championships Helsinki, Finland 17th (sf) 110 m hurdles 13.69
2006 European Championships Gothenburg, Sweden 5th 110 m hurdles 13.57
2007 European Indoor Championships Birmingham, United Kingdom 7th 60 m hurdles 7.71
World Championships Osaka, Japan 14th (sf) 110 m hurdles 13.58
2008 World Indoor Championships Valencia, Spain 13th (sf) 60 m hurdles 7.75
2009 European Indoor Championships Turin, Italy 12th (sf) 60 m hurdles 7.78

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