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Roberto Sánchez-Ramos is a Judge of the Court of Appeals of Puerto Rico and former Attorney General of Puerto Rico, appointed in 2005 by Governor Aníbal Acevedo Vilá. Before becoming Attorney General, Sanchez Ramos served as Solicitor General of Puerto Rico. He is the son of former Governor of Puerto Rico Roberto Sánchez Vilella. His mother, Jeannette Ramos Buonomo, is a retired judge of the Puerto Rico Court of Appeals, and his grandfather was Ernesto Ramos Antonini, who for many years was the Speaker (President) of Puerto Rico's House of Representatives. Also, his aunt was Ivette Ramos Buonomo, a retired professor at University of Puerto Rico's Law School.

Among his more notable opinions as an appellate judge is a 2016 case in which he overturns a Superior Court decision declaring Puerto Rico's Arms Control Law in violation of the United States Constitution's Second Amendment.

Career and Education[edit]

After law school, Sanchez Ramos clerked for Justice Federico Hernández Denton of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico and for Federal Appellate Judge A. Wallace Tashima of the Ninth Circuit.


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