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Robertson College, Jabalpur, (now divided into Government Science College, Jabalpur and Mahakoshal Arts & Commerce College) is considered to be the oldest such institution in Madhya Pradesh.[1] It established in 1836 as Sagar Govt. School in Sagar, and was upgraded to Sagar Collegiate School in 1860 by starting F.A. (Fine Art, a degree equivalent to 12th grade) classes.[2] The institution was moved to Jabalpur in 1873.

It was renamed Robertson College in honor of the then commissioner Mr. Benjamin Robertson[3] in 1916.[4] Many of the students at Robertson College joined Hitkarini Sabha institutions during time of Indian independence struggle, where could they participate in the swaraj movement.[5] It was renamed Mahakoshal Mahavidyalaya in 1947 after independence.

Many distinguished scholars have emerged from the Robertson College and its descendant institutions.[6]


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