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Robinson Ekspeditionen 2010 was the thirteenth season of the Danish version of the Swedish show Expedition Robinson. This season premiered on September 6, 2010. The major twist this season is that the contestants have been divided into tribes with half of each tribe being "Masters" and the other half being "Slaves". The contestants individual statuses were determined in a challenge they took part in before they were divided into tribes. The twelve members of each gender competed in a challenge against each other with the five winners being the masters of their tribe and each getting to pick one of the seven challenge losers from the other tribe as their slave. Through the slave selection process four contestants, Anja Balle, Gitte Behrendt, Vincent Muir, and Hector Nielsen, were eliminated and sent to "Utopia" to compete against each other as well as future eliminated contestants in order to earn a spot back in the game. Following the elimination, the "Tenga" and "Minang" tribes were formed with the Minang tribe being composed of the female winners and their slaves and the Tenga tribe of the male winners and their slaves. In episode 2, a tribal swap took place in which most of the contestants swapped tribes. In episode 3, no elimination took place due to Ali Ghiace's voluntary exit. Also in episode 3, it was revealed that, like last year, there is a mole competing in the game. With this news came that of the mole being the only person eligible to vote for two people at the third tribal council. In episode 5, both tribes competed in an elimination competition which would lead to players from each tribe being eliminated. Ultimately, it Maiken Andersen and Bjørn Lambertsen from Minang and Ann Applegren from Tenga who lost the challenge and were eliminated and sent to Utopia. In episode 9, the two tribes merged and five contestants from Utopia (Anja Balle, Diana Andersen, Germaine Nielsen, Hector Nielsen, and Reda Zamzam) returned to the game. In episode 10, Germaine lost a challenge and was eliminated. In episode 11, Anja and Reda were sent to Utopia where Anja lost a duel and was eliminated. In episode 13, all Utopia contestants competed in a duel which Hans "HC" Nørager lost and was eliminated. In episode 14, the recently voted out Gitte Benherdt along with all of the remaining Utopia residents competed in the final duel of the season for a spot in the final four. Ultimately, Hans Ravnholt won the duel while the others were eliminated in the following order, Gitte Behrendt, Diana Andersen, Jens Bach, Mette Egeberg, Henriette Nielsen, Hector Nielsen, and finally Jakob Jensen. In the final episode of the season the final four faced off in series of three challenges to determine the winner. As the winner of the first challenge Zabrina Kondrup was immune from the second, elimination challenge. Søren "Nicolai" Korshøj became the final contestant to be eliminated when he lost the second challenge.

Finishing order[edit]

Contestant Original Tribe Mixed Tribes Merged Tribe Finish Utopia
Vincent Muir
22, Copenhagen
None Lost Challenge
Day 1
Lost 1st Duel
Day ?
Germaine Nielsen
Returned to game
Tenga 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Daniell Edwards
29, Hvidovre
Minang Minang 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
Lost 2nd Duel
Day ?
Ali Ghiace
25, Svendborg
Minang Tenga Left Competition
Day 11
Gitte Maagaard
27, Hellerup
None Lost Challenge
Day 1
Lost 3rd Duel
Day ?
Charlotte Schou
21, Rønne
Tenga Tenga 4th Voted Out
Day 12
Lost 4th Duel
Day ?
Diana Andersen
Returned to game
Tenga Tenga 5th Voted Out
Day 15
Ann Appelgren
33, Ørestaden
Minang Minang Lost Challenge
Day ?
Lost 5th Duel
Day ?
Nini Gøthler
22, Herlev
Minang Minang Evacuated
Day ?
Bjørn "Pappi" Lambertsen
33, Vallensbæk Strand
Minang Tenga Lost Challenge
Day ?
Lost 6th Duel
Day ?
Germaine Nielsen
38, Tarm
Tenga Robinson Lost Challenge
Day ?
Anja Balle
34, Helsingør
None Lost Challenge
Day 1
Lost Challenge
Day 23
Lost 7th Duel
Day ?
Maiken Andersen
18, Copenhagen
Tenga Tenga Lost Challenge
Day 28
Lost 8th Duel
Day ?
Reda Zamzam
30, Århus
Minang Tenga Robinson 7th Voted Out
Day 21
10th Voted Out
Day 30
Lost 9th Duel
Day ?
Hans "HC" Nørager
29, Copenhagen
Tenga Minang Lost Challenge
Day ?
Lost 10th Duel
Day ?
Gitte Benherdt
41, Glostrup
Minang Tenga 13th Voted Out
Day 39
Lost Final Duel
Day 49
Diana Andersen
24, Køge
Tenga Minang 9th Voted Out
Day 27
Jens Bach
40, Copenhagen
Minang Minang 6th Voted Out
Day 18
Mette Egeberg
28, Copenhagen
Minang Tenga Robinson 8th Voted Out
Day 24
Henriette Nielsen
23, Højbjerg
Tenga Minang 12th Voted Out
Day 36
Hector Nielsen
23, Roskilde
None Lost Challenge
Day 1
Lost Challenge
Day ?
Jakob Jensen
25, Copenhagen
Tenga 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
Søren "Nicolai" Korshøj
51, Copenhagen
Tenga Tenga Robinson Lost Challenge
Day 50
Zabrina Kondrup
23, Kalundborg
Minang Tenga 2nd-Runner-Up
Day 51
Hans Ravnholt
43, Kolding
Tenga Tenga 11th Voted Out
Day ?
Day 51
Won Final Duel
Day 49
Søren Engelbret
31, Vejen
Tenga Tenga Sole Survivor
Day 51

Utopia Final Standings[edit]

Place Contestant Lost Duel
1 Hans Ravnholt Winner, Returned to the game
2 Jakob Jensen Runner-Up, Winner of Utopia ($50,000)
3 Hector Nielsen 11
4 Henriette Nielsen
5 Mette Egeberg
6 Jens Bach
7 Diana Andersen
8 Gitte Benherdt
9 Hans "HC" Nørager 10
10 Reda Zamzam 9
11 Maiken Andersen 8
12 Anja Balle 7
13 Germaine Nielsen
14 Bjørn "Pappi" Lambertsen 6
15 Ann Appelgren 5
16 Charlotte Schou 4
17 Gitte Maagaard 3
18 Daniell Edwards 2
19 Vincent Muir 1

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