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Created by Charlie Parsons
Theme music composer Andreas Nordqvist
Country of origin Norway
Original language(s) Norwegian
No. of seasons 16
Original network TV3 (1999-2005, 2007-2013), TV2 (2015-)
Original release 1999 – Present
Related shows Survivor
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Robinsonekspedisjonen is a popular Norwegian reality television program debuting in 1999. In the fall of 1998 TV3 purchased the broadcast rights to air their own version of Expedition Robinson. Norway was one of the first countries to adopt the Robinson format following its success in both Sweden and Denmark. While it has never achieved as high of ratings as that of Denmark and Sweden's versions of the show, it is still considered a ratings success.

The name alludes to both Robinson Crusoe and The Swiss Family Robinson, two stories featuring people marooned by shipwrecks.

Following a two year hiatus after the VIP season with Denmark and Sweden, Robinsonekspedisjonen returned in 2007 and has seen a season over season ratings growth since.


The Robinson format was developed by Planet 24, a United Kingdom TV production company owned by Charlie Parsons and Bob Geldof. Their company Castaway Television Productions retained the rights to the concept when they sold Planet 24 in 1999. Mark Burnett later licensed the format to create the U.S. show Survivor in 2000.

Sixteen contestants are put into a survival situation and compete in a variety of physical challenges. Early in each season two teams compete but later on the teams are merged and the competitions become individual. At the end of each show one contestant is eliminated from the show by the others in a secret "island council" ballot.


Year Host Producer Channel Participants Winner
1999 Nils Ole Oftebro Malin Kvist TV3 16 Christer Falch
2000 Christer Falch 16 Therese Andersen
2001 17 Mia Martinsen
2002 18 Ann Karene Molvig
2003 16 Emil Orderud
2004 20 Jan Stian Gundersen
2005 (VIP) Mikkel Beha Erichsen 15 VIP Tilde Fröling Sweden
2007 Christer Falch 19 Ann-Kristin Otnes
2008 23 Tom Andre Tveitan
2009 20 Lina Iversen
2010 20 Alita Dagmar Kristensen
2011 19 Lillan Ramøy
2012 17 Elizabeth Nielsen
2013 22 Bjørn Tore Bekkeli
2015 TV2 18 Maikan Sæther Olsen
2016 16 Thomas Larsen

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