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Robinsonekspedisjonen: 2008 was the eighth season of the Norwegian version of the Swedish show Expedition Robinson, and it premiered on 5 September 2008 and aired until 5 December 2008. The major twist in season eight was the "Heaven and Hell" living areas that the tribes lived in. The North team won the first immunity challenge and earned the right to live in "Heaven", which included huts and beds, while the losers, South team, were forced to live in a bat cave. The season is also remembered for the high amount of contestants to leave the show either voluntarily or in an evacuation. Throughout the season, there were several minor twists put into to place such as the elimination duel between Manuel and Susanne in episode 2 and the double elimination the South team faced when they chose to through a challenge in order to eliminate a team member. The biggest twist of all occurred when the teams merged. At the time of the merge there were only seven original contestants left in the tribe, however due to the amount of contestants who left early, three reserves entered. Preceding the merge was an elimination challenge which George Stephen Vaz lost, however it was later revealed that this was not a real elimination challenge and that he could earn a spot back in the game if he won it against the contestant of his choice. Vaz chose Hege Reime as his opponent and won the duel. Unlike in most years, instead of there being a final four there was a final three that faced off in a challenge to determine who would face the jury. Ultimately, it was Tom Tveitan who won the season over Britt Carin Jonassen with an unknown jury vote.

Finishing order[edit]

Contestant Original
Episode 2
Episode 6
Anne Møller
43, Hafrsfjord
South Team Left Competition
Day 2
Connie Thorbjørnsen
20, Birkeland
South Team 1st Voted Out
Day 2
Manuel Bezerra
42, Oslo
South Team Lost Duel
Day ?
Eirik Sjursen
18, Drammen
South Team South Team 2nd Voted Out
Day ?
Julie Gule
22, Trondheim
South Team South Team Eliminated through Drawing
Day ?
Knut Skaro
33, Geilo
North Team North Team Evacuated
Day ?
Marielle Mathiassen
20, Fredrikstad
South Team South Team 3rd Voted Out
Day ?
Cathrine Aschim
26, Hadeland
North Team North Team Left Competition
Day ?
Johnny Nordseth
42, Trondheim
South Team South Team 4th Voted Out
Day ?
Berit "Susanne" Rosenlund
48, Hosle
North Team South Team Evacuated
Day ?
Øyvind Olsen
27, Nesodden
North Team North Team 5th Voted Out
Day ?
Nelden Petersen
26, Drammen
South Team South Team Left Competition
Day ?
Anthony Bratli
41, Oslo
North Team North Team North Team 6th Voted Out
Day ?
George Vaz
Returned to the Game
North Team North Team North Team Lost Challenge
Day ?
Hege Reime
26, Oslo
Lost Duel
Day ?
Julianna Skartland
26, Stokke
South Team South Team South Team Robinson 7th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day ?
Anton Soggiu
27, Oslo
8th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day ?
Nadia Mouacim
29, Oslo
North Team North Team North Team 9th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day ?
Ine Amundsen
24, Oslo
10th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day ?
Andrea Huseby
23, Sandefjord
North Team North Team South Team 11th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day ?
Christopher Soltvedt
25, Bergen
North Team North Team North Team 12th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day ?
George Vaz
54, Tomter
North Team North Team North Team Lost Challenge
7th Jury Member
Day ?
Britt Jonassen
23, Grimstad
North Team North Team South Team Runner-Up
Day 47
Tom Tveitan
38, Sandefjord
South Team South Team South Team Sole Survivor
Day 47

Voting history[edit]

Original Tribes Post Duel Tribal Swap Merged Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Eliminated: Anne
No vote
7/8 votes
No vote
6/7 votes
No vote
No vote
5/6 votes
No vote
4/6 votes
No vote
4/7 votes
No vote
2/4 votes
No vote
6/12 vote
10/13 votes
5/7 votes
5/6 votes
2/4 votes
3/4 votes
1/1 vote
1/7 votes
6/7 votes
Voter Vote
Tom Connie Eirik Safe Marielle Johnny Ine Anton
Nadia Ine Christopher Jury Vote
Britt-Carin Nadia Ine Anton
Nadia Ine Andrea Christopher George
George Øyvind Christopher Won Julianna
Christopher Christopher Ine Christopher Christopher Tom
Christopher Øyvind Anthony Ine Anton
Nadia Ine Andrea George Tom
Andrea Christopher Ine Anton
Nadia Ine George Tom
Ine Not in game Julianna
Christopher Nadia Christopher Britt-Carin
Nadia Øyvind Anthony ? Anton
George Tom
Anton Not in game Julianna
Christopher Tom
Julianna Connie Eirik Safe Marielle Johnny Ine Tom
Hege Not in game Lost
Anthony Øyvind Nadia
Nelden Eliminated Eirik Safe Marielle Johnny
Øyvind Nadia
Susanne Won Eirik Safe Marielle Johnny
Johnny Connie Eirik Safe Marielle Susanne
Cathrine Eliminated
Marielle Connie Eirik Safe Nelden Nelden
Julie Connie Eirik Eliminated
Eirik Connie Susanne
Manuel Connie Lost
Connie Julianna

Rich/Poor Divide[edit]

As was the twist this season, beginning after the first reward challenge the winning tribe would be sent to live an island full of luxuries while the losing tribe was sent to live in a cave. In episode six Nelden chose to voluntarily leave the game in exchange for a prize trip. By doing this he automatically sent the remaining two members of South back to the cave.

Post Challenge Rich Poor
Reward 1 North South
Reward 2 South North
Nelden's Exit South

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