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ProductsRobotic floor cleaning devices

Roborock (also known as Beijing Roborock Technology Co. Ltd.; Chinese: 北京石頭世紀科技有限公司) is a Chinese consumer goods company known for its robotic sweeping and mopping devices[1] and handheld cordless stick vacuums. Xiaomi played a key role in the company's founding.[2]



Beijing Roborock Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 2014 in Beijing, China.[3] Its launch was largely supported by Xiaomi.[2] Xiaomi has since invested in other home cleaning companies, including Roborock competitor Dreame in 2018.[3] The company raised about $640 million in its February 2020 IPO,[3] and the company had annual revenue of approximately CNY 4.5 billion as of August 2021.[1]

Roborock currently trades on Beijing's STAR market.[4]



Newer models in Roborock's "S" line of robotic floor cleaning devices utilize an obstacle avoidance technology known as ReactiveAI.[5] The technology relies on a dual camera in the front bumper that captures images at 30 fps and uses a Qualcomm AP 8053 processor to discern objects as small as 5 cm wide by 3 cm high.[5]

This system subdivides objects into five categories of obstacles to avoid and, through an app on the user's smartphone, communicates a degree of certainty about each. It is capable of avoiding common household obstacles and debris, including power strips, footwear, and pet waste (though customer reports of their experiences with avoiding pet waste[6], shoes, pet toys[7], and common home furnishings[8] are mixed). As Roborock cleaners move about a space, they create a schematic map, marking known and unknown objects on the floor to avoid on future passes.[5]

Roborock claims their floor cleaning devices do not store images or upload them to the cloud. All images captured and processed are supposedly immediately deleted.[5]

Roborock introduced ReactiveAI 2.0 with the release of the Roborock S7 MaxV. It leverages an RGB camera and 3D structured light scanning with a new neural processor for improved object recognition regardless of lighting conditions.[9]

In addition to their front-mounted cameras, newer Roborock floor cleaning devices use top-mounted LIDAR to map rooms. Using the Roborock app, users can set off-limits areas on the map to ensure the device does not clean there. Users can also set "no-mop" areas where the device may vacuum but not mop, such as rooms with carpets or rugs.[5]

Roborock Q7 Max,[10] released in 2022,[11] generates 4,200 Pa suction, and can be controlled by Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant.[12]

In 2023, Roborock released the S8, S8 Plus and S8 Pro Ultra. The main difference between the models is the docking station each includes. The S8 has a standard charging base whereas the S8 Plus includes an Auto-Empty Dock.[13] The S8 Pro Ultra ships with the RockDock Ultra, the most advanced dock Roborock offers. In addition to emptying the S8's dustbin and charging the robot, the dock also manages the S8's mopping system including refilling its water and drying its mop pad. The S8 Pro Ultra is the first Roborock robot vacuum with lifting dual brushrolls.[14] The S8 and S8 Plus have dual brushrolls but they do not lift. All models which precede the S8 have a single brushroll.

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra, which debuted at CES 2022, has 5,100Pa suction and a livestreaming camera.[15][16][17] Roborock S7,[18] which debuted at CES 2021,[19] uses trademarked VibaRise.[20] Roborock S7 can detect the type of floor to use either its mop or vacuum.[21] The Roborock S6 MaxV operates at 67 dB and generates maximum suction of 2,500 Pa.[5][22] Its dustbin measures 460 mL at full capacity.[23] Its 5,200mAh battery can vacuum approximately 250 square meters between charges, and its mop can cover about 200 square meters of hard flooring on the same charge. These coverage claims are almost certainly when using the lightest suction and mop settings; on full suction/mop, customers will likely see significantly less coverage per charge and the robot will stop cleaning when its battery reaches 20% (users cannot alter the low battery level setting) to return to the dock to recharge. It will not automatically return to cleaning until it reaches 80%, which can be multiple hours, though the user can manually return the robot to charging once the battery's charge exceeds 20% by pressing the Play button in the mobile app. The mop on the Roborock S5 Max, the S6 MaxV's predecessor, has a 290 mL water tank and comes with one washable microfilter.[24] The Roborock S4 does not have mopping technology.

In 2022, Roborock released the Q5 which replaces the S models, and is similar to the S4 Max and the S5. The Q5 has a higher suction power of 2,700Pa (versus 2,000Pa on the older models) but lacks the mop feature.[25]

Robot vacuum cleaners

Model Release date Battery Size Suction Power Weight Dustbin Volume Onboard Mopping Water Tank Capacity Notes
Roborock "Xiaowa Lite" C1 2018 2,600mAh 1,600Pa 3.0 kg 640ml No N/A
Roborock "Xiaowa" E2 2018 2,600mAh 1,800Pa 3.0 kg 640ml Yes, gravity-fed 140ml
Roborock "Xiaowa Plus" E3 2018 5,200mAh 2,000Pa 3.2 kg 640ml Yes, gravity-fed 140ml
Roborock E4 2020 5,200mAh 2,000Pa 3.0 kg 640ml Yes, gravity-fed 180ml
Roborock E5 2021 5,200mAh 2,500Pa 3.0 kg 640ml Yes, gravity-fed 180ml
Roborock S4 Sep 2019[26] 5,200mAh[26] 2,000Pa 3.8 kg 420ml No[26] N/A
Roborock S4 Max Sep 2020[27] 5,200mAh[28] 2,000Pa[28] 3.3 kg 460ml No N/A
Roborock S5 Apr 2019[29] 5,200mAh[29] 2,000Pa 3.5 kg Yes, gravity-fed
Roborock S5 Max Sep 2019[30] 5,200mAh[30] 2,000Pa[30] 3.5 kg Yes, electronically controlled
Roborock S6 Aug 2019[31] 5,200mAh[31] 2,000Pa[31] 3.5 kg 480ml Yes, gravity-fed 140ml
Roborock S6 MaxV Jun 2020[32] 5,200mAh 2,500Pa 3.7 kg 460ml Yes, electronically controlled 300ml
Roborock S6 Pure April 2020 5,200mAh[33] 2,000Pa[33] 3.2 kg 480ml Yes, gravity-fed 180ml
Roborock S7/S7 Plus Mar 2021[34] 5,200mAh[34] 2,500Pa[34] 4.7 kg 470ml Yes, electronically controlled 300ml
Roborock G10 August 2021 5,200mAh 2,500Pa 4.7 kg 470ml[35] Yes, electronically controlled
Roborock G10s/G10s Pro March 2022 5,200mAh 5,100Pa Yes, electronically controlled China-exclusive
Roborock S7 MaxV/S7 MaxV Plus/S7 MaxV Ultra April 2022 5,200mAh 5,100Pa 4.7 kg 350ml Yes, electronically controlled 200ml
Roborock Q5/Q5 Plus April 2022 5,200mAh[25] 2,700Pa[25] 3.2 kg 470ml No N/A
Roborock Q7/Q7 Plus May 2022 5,200mAh[25] 2,700Pa[25] 3.2 kg 750ml Yes, gravity-fed 180ml
Roborock Q7 Max/Q7 Max Plus May 2022 5,200mAh[36] 4,200Pa[37] 3.7 kg 470ml Yes, electronically controlled 350ml
Roborock S8/S8 Plus March 2023 5,200mAh 6,000Pa 4.9 kg 400ml/350ml Yes, electronically controlled 300ml
Roborock S8 Pro Ultra March 2023 5,200mAh 6,000Pa 4.9 kg 350ml Yes, electronically controlled 200ml
Roborock G20 March 2023 6,000Pa Yes, electronically controlled China-exclusive
Roborock P10 March 2023 5,200mAh 5,500Pa 350ml Yes, electronically controlled China-exclusive
Roborock Q Revo June 2023 5,200mAh 5,500Pa 350ml Yes, electronically controlled 80ml Western equivalent to P10

Cordless vacuum cleaners

  • Roborock H6
  • Roborock Dyad U10
  • Roborock Dyad Pro
  • Roborock Dyad Pro Combo


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