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Rod, Ród, Rőd, Rød, Röd, ROD, or R.O.D. may refer to:


  • Birch rod, made out of twigs from birch or other trees for corporal punishment
  • Ceremonial rod, used to indicate a position of authority
  • Connecting rod, main, coupling, or side rod, in a reciprocating engine
  • Control rod, used to control the rate of fission in a nuclear reactor
  • Divining rod, two rods believed by some to find water in a practice known as dowsing
  • Fishing rod, a tool used to catch fish, like a long pole with a hook on the end
  • Lightning rod, a conductor on top of a building to protect the building in the event of lightning by taking the charge harmlessly to earth
  • Measuring rod, a kind of ruler
  • Switch (corporal punishment), a piece of wood as used as a staff or for corporal punishment, or a bundle of such switches
  • Truss rod, a steel part inside a guitar neck used for its tension adjustment

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  • Ród, a village in Tilişca Commune, Sibiu County, Romania
  • Rød (disambiguation), several populated places in Norway
  • Rőd, Aiton, from the Hungarian name for Rediu, a village in Aiton Commune, Cluj County, Romania
  • Rod, California, a former settlement in Kern County
  • Rod (river), a tributary of the Apold in Sibiu County, Romania

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