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Fito Paez - Rodolfo.jpg
Studio album by Fito Páez
Released September 12, 2007
Recorded 2007 at Circo Beat Studios, Argentina
Genre Latin pop, Rock en Español
Label Sony BMG
Producer Fito Páez[1]
Fito Páez chronology
El Mundo Cabe en Una Canción
(2006)El Mundo Cabe en Una Canción2006
No sé si es Baires o Madrid
(2008)No sé si es Baires o Madrid2008

Rodolfo is a studio album released by Argentinian recording artist Fito Páez. Released by Sony BMG in September 12, 2007, it was recorded at the Circo Beat Studios in Argentina.[1] The album includes two instrumental tracks, the remainder made only with piano and voice. Rodolfo entered the top ten in Argentina and earned Páez a Latin Grammy for Best Singer-Songwriter Album.[2]

Background and repertoire[edit]

Rodolfo is the follow-up to the Latin Grammy awarded El Mundo Cabe en Una Canción (2006) which was recorded at the Circo Beat Studios in Argentina.[3][4] The album was recorded in Páez' house with sole company of his piano, and was meant as an album of love songs.[5] The first track, "Si Es Amor", begins with the lyrics "wisdom comes when is useless", but finishes with optimism, stating "nothing else matters when there is love".[5] "Vas Conmigo" is also a love song, with evocations for his native town Rosario as he did on his previous album.[4][5] "Sofi Fue una Nena de Papá" and "El Verdadero Amar", are two stories narrated with a tinge of violence and marginalization.[5] "Nocturno en Sol +" and "Waltz for Marguie" are two instrumental tracks. On the song "El cuarto de al lado", Páez defines life. "Siempre te voy a Amar", "Mágica Hermosura" and "Gracias", are remembrances of past relationships and they include references to Luis Alberto Spinetta, Litto Nebbia and Charly García.[5]

Chart performance[edit]

Rodolfo entered the Argentinian Albums Chart at number eight, being the third best debut of the week of September 21, 2007, following La Lengua Popular by Andrés Calamaro, which peaked at number-one, and Manu Chao's La Radiolina at number seven.[6]

Track listing[edit]

This track listing adapted from Allmusic and liner notes.[1][7]

All tracks written by Fito Páez.

No. Title Length
1. "Si Es Amor" 4:03
2. "Sofi Fue una Nena de Papá" 4:14
3. "Vas Conmigo" 2:19
4. "Nocturno en Sol +" 2:58
5. "El Cuarto de al Lado" 3:30
6. "Cae la Noche en Okinawa" 3:46
7. "Siempre Te Voy a Amar" 2:21
8. "Mágica Hermosura" 3:10
9. "El Verdadero Amar" 5:55
10. "Waltz for Marguie" 2:28
11. "Gracias" 4:26
12. "Zamba del Cielo" 4:23




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