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Prince of Polotsk
Rogvolod Post stamp.jpg
Rogvolod, post stamp of Belarus
Reign 945–978
Predecessor ?
Successor conquered
Born c. 920 (?)
Västergötland, Sweden
Died 978
Burial ?
Spouse ?
Issue son
House ?
Father Ulf Tostesson Jarl of Skara
Mother Ingeborg

Rogvolod (Russian: Рогволод, translit. Rogvolod; Belarusian: Рагвалод, translit. Rahvałod) (c. 920 – 978) was first chronicled prince of Polatsk (945–978). In the Russian Primary Chronicle, he is known as Рогъволодъ, probably a slavicized version of the Old Norse name Ragnvald. He came from overseas (i.e., from Scandinavia or Southern Baltic) and established himself at Polatsk in the mid-10th century. According to the Russian Primary Chronicle, Vladimir the Great sought an alliance with him in 980 by marrying his daughter Rogneda, but she insultingly refused, prompting Vladimir to attack Rogvolod and his sons and kill them, after which he forcibly took Rogneda as his wife.[1]


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