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Roll or Rolls may refer to:

Physics and engineering[edit]

  • Rolling, a motion of two objects with respect to each-other such that the two stay in contact without sliding
  • Roll angle (or roll rotation), one of the 3 angular degrees of freedom of any stiff body (for example a vehicle), describing motion about the longitudinal axis
    • Roll (aviation), one of the aircraft principal axes of rotation of an aircraft (angle of tilt to the left or right measured from the longitudinal axis)
    • Roll (ship motion), one of the ship motions' principal axes of rotation of a ship (angle of tilt to the port or starboard measured from the longitudinal axis)
  • Rolling manoeuvre, a manoeuvre of any stiff body (for example a vehicle) around its roll axis:
  • Roll rate (or roll velocity), the angular speed at which an aircraft can change its roll attitude, typically expressed in degrees per second


  • Bread roll, a small individual loaf of bread
  • Roll (food), a type of food that is either rolled in its preparation, rolled in something, served in a bread roll, or otherwise called a "roll"

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de Roll[edit]

  • Louis de Roll (1750-?), a Swiss soldier during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars



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