Roman Catholicism in Colombia

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Church provinces and diocese in Colombia

Colombia has a high percentage of Catholics, 90% of the population.[1] There are 74 dioceses and other territorial jurisdictions.

Catholicism was introduced in 1508. Two dioceses were organized in 1534. There was appreciable Church growth by the mid-17th century, in spite of the variety of Indian languages, government interference, and competition among religious orders. Some persecution followed the declaration of independence from Spain, in 1819.

The Catholic Church is currently organized into 13 ecclesiastical provinces, subdivided into 13 archdioceses and 52 dioceses total, given at List of Roman Catholic dioceses in Colombia. There are over 120 different religious orders, institutes, and lay organizations running hundreds of primary and secondary schools, hospitals, clinics, orphanages, colleges, and 8 universities, the most well known being Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (in Cali) and Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (in Bogotá), both Jesuit universities.[2]


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