Roman bridge on Ilidža

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Roman bridge
Roman bridge

The Roman bridge on Ilidža (Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian: Rimski Most / Римски мост) is a bridge located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It was built in the 16th century using actual Roman stones and crosses the Bosna river.

The Roman Bridge is located not far from Vrelo Bosne on the Bosna river in the Ilidža municipality, which was built sometime between 1530 and 1550 from the original Roman stones and ruins of the bridge that stood there during the Roman period used to connect the Romans with the village of Aquae Sulphurae at the time. Ilidža is also known to have been an archaeological site dating 2400–2000BC.[1]


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Coordinates: 43°49′54″N 18°17′10″E / 43.8316°N 18.2861°E / 43.8316; 18.2861