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Rong Zi (Chinese: 蓉子) was the pen name of Wang Rongzi (Chinese: 王蓉芷; 1922 – 9 January 2021), a Chinese-Taiwanese writer who is considered to be a leading modern day Taiwanese poet.[1]

She was born in Jiangsu province and was educated in Christian primary and secondary schools. She continued her education at an agricultural college. She first worked as a teacher and then later at a radio station; she came to Taipei in 1949.[2] She retired from the Taipei International Telecommunications Bureau in 1976.[3]

She published her first book of poetry Qingniao ji (Blue Bird) in 1953. Rongzi married the poet Luo Men in 1955.[2] The couple has been called "the Brownings of Chinese Modern Poetry".[4] Besides several volumes of poetry, she also published essays and a volume of children’s literature.[4]

She received national and international awards for her work.[4]


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