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Rory O'Connor
New York, New York
EducationB.A., Boston College; Fellow, Rutgers University; Fellow, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Rory O’Connor is a journalist, author, educator, and documentary filmmaker. He is co-founder and president of the Globalvision Corporation, and board chair of the Global Center, an affiliated non-profit foundation. His films and television programs have aired on PBS,[1] BBC, NHK, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, and numerous other networks. He has been involved in the production of more than two dozen documentaries, and his broadcast, film and print work has been honored with a George Polk Award, a Writer's Guild Award for Outstanding Documentary, an Orwell Award[2] and two Emmys. He has written several books and blogs for the Huffington Post,[3] AlterNet,[4] Al Jazeera[5] and other news sources.


During a ten-year stint in print, culminating as Managing Editor of the Boston-area weekly alternative newspaper The Real Paper, O'Connor began working in broadcast journalism as a reporter and producer at WGBH-TV in Boston.[6] He later worked as a producer and investigator at WCVB-TV, Boston; a Program Producer at WGBH; Executive Producer at Boston's Neighborhood Network News; segment producer at the PBS NewsHour; and Producer at CBS News, before co-founding the independent international media firm Globalvision.[7]


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2016: Executive Producer, Editorial Consultant "Dead Reckoning," PBS Documentary

2015: Executive Producer “America's Surveillance State,” Independent Documentary

2014: Executive Producer “Who Rules America?” Independent Documentary

2011: Producer, Executive Producer “The Harvest (La Cosecha),” Independent Documentary produced with ShineGlobal

2010: Director, Writer, Co-Producer “The Battle of Durban II: Israel, Palestine and the United Nations,” Independent Documentary produced with Second Generation Films

2010: Executive Producer “Plunder: The Crime of Our Time,” Independent Documentary

2009: Executive Producer “Barack Obama: People’s President,” Independent Documentary with Videovision

2008: Executive Producer “Viva Madiba,” Independent Documentary with Videovision

2007: Executive Producer “Frontrunner: The Afghan Woman Who Surprised the World,” Independent Documentary

2006: Executive Producer “911: Press for Truth,” Independent Documentary

2006: Executive-in-Charge-of-Production “In Debt We Trust,” Independent Documentary

2004: Executive Producer “WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception,” Independent Documentary

2003: Co-Director, Co-Producer, Writer “The Hole in the Wall,” Independent Documentary

2001: Director, Producer, Writer “Voices of the Poor,” Independent Documentary

2000: Executive-in-Charge-of-Production “Hear Our Voices: The Poor on Poverty,” Global Links TV Documentary

2000: Executive Producer “Falun Gong’s Challenge to China,” Independent Documentary

1999: Director, Writer “Richard Speck: Born To Raise Hell,” Court TV Documentary

1999: Story Developer “The Trial of the Chicago 8,” Court TV Documentary

1999: Executive Producer, Writer “Globalization and Human Rights,” PBS Documentary

1998: Director, Producer, Writer “China: Change and Challenge,” Global Links TV Documentary

1998: Executive Producer "A Hero for All,"Independent Documentary with Videovision

1996: Producer “Yellow Wasps: Anatomy Of a War Crime,” Independent Documentary

1994: Executive Producer, Writer “Countdown to Freedom,” Independent Documentary

1993: Director, Producer, Writer “The Arming of Saudi Arabia,” PBS Frontline Documentary

1992: Director, Producer, Writer “BCCI: The Bank of Crooks and Criminals,” PBS Frontline Documentary

1992: Director, Producer, Writer “The Resurrection of Reverend Moon,” PBS Frontline Documentary

1992: Executive Producer “Beyond JFK: The Question of Conspiracy,” Warner Bros. Documentary

1991: Senior Producer "Mandela in America," Time-Warner Documentary

1990: Executive Producer “Nelson Mandela: Free At Last,” PBS Documentary

1990: Producer,Writer “No Place Like Home,” WCVB-TV Documentary

1986: Producer, Writer “Mafia On Trial,” WCVB-TV Documentary

1985: Writer, Producer “No Safe Asylum,” WCVB-TV Documentary


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