Rosa 'Anne Harkness'

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Rosa 'Anne Harkness'
Rosa Anne Harkness.jpg
Hybrid parentage see text
Cultivar 'Anne Harkness'
Origin Jack Harkness, U.K., 1979

'Anne Harkness' (syn. 'HARkaramel' and 'Ann Harkness') is a floribunda rose variety developed by Jack Harkness (R. Harkness & Co.) and introduced in 1979.


It is basically an apricot rose, but with shadings of yellow at the base and in the center, and is notable for flowering very late in the year, producing clusters of 6 to 20 flowers up to 7 cm in size. The double, medium-sized flowers are only very lightly scented, but are well suited for cut flowers. The rosebushes have an upright form, and dense middle green foliage.

The parentage of 'Anne Harkness' is somewhat complicated:

The cultivar was named 'Anne Harkness' to mark the 21st birthday of the breeder's niece, Peter Harkness' daughter Anne.