Rosa 'Elina'

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Rosa 'Elina'
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Hybrid parentage 'Nana Mouskouri' × 'Lolita'
Cultivar group Hybrid Tea
Cultivar 'Elina'
Marketing names 'DICjana', 'Peaudouce'
Breeder Patrick Dickson
Origin United Kingdom, 1983

Rosa 'Elina' (synonyms 'DICjana' and 'Peaudouce') is a light yellow hybrid tea rose introduced by Dickson Roses in 1983.[1] The variety was developed from the white floribunda 'Nana Mouskouri' (Dickson, 1975) and the apricot hybrid tea 'Lolita' (Kordes, 1972).


Its mildly fragrant flowers are high centered, have 17 to 35 petals and an average diameter of 15 cm (6"). Their colour is weather dependent and can reach from lemon to ivory.[2] The pointed, ovoid buds open to very large flowers with an elegant, opulent bloom form.[3] They grow mostly solitary on long firm stems and appear quite late, but then almost continuously throughout the season.

The bushy rose shrub has dense, glossy foliage and usually grows to a height of 70 to 120 cm (28" to 4') and a width of 75 to 80 cm (30" to 31").[4] 'Elina' is only moderately winter hardy (USDA zone 6b),[5] a thrips favourite,[2] but excepting mildew in humid conditions very disease resistant. Barlage recommends the plantation in groups or hedges.[3] Thanks to its large long-living flowers on long stems, the cultivar is also used as cut flower.



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