Rosa wichuraiana

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Rosa wichuraiana
Rosa wichuraiana.jpg
Scientific classification
R. wichuraiana
Binomial name
Rosa wichuraiana

Rosa wichuraiana (syn. memorial rose, R. lucillae)[1] is a species of rose.


It is a woody, semi-evergreen shrub, with long trailing thorny branches of glossy green leaves, and single five-petalled white flowers with prominent yellow stamens in Summer; followed by small dark red hips. It can grow to 6 metres (20 ft). It is named after the German botanist Max Ernst Wichura (1817–1866), with the suffix -iana.


While it is valued as a garden plant in its own right, R. wichuraiana is also a parent of several rose hybrids, notably 'Dorothy Perkins', 'Albéric Barbier', 'New dawn' and 'Albertine'. Its vigorous, rambling habit makes it particularly suitable for forming an impenetrable barrier at ground level, or for scrambling up large trees.[2] It has been introduced to the United States.[3]


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