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R.B. Lemberg
Born27 September 1976
EducationPhD in Linguistics
Alma materUC Berkeley
GenreScience fiction, fantasy, poetry, gender dysphoria
SpouseBogi Takács

R.B. Lemberg (born 27 September 1976)[1] is a bigender,[2] queer[2] author, poet, and editor of speculative fiction.[n.b. 1] Their work has appeared in publications such as Lightspeed,[3] Strange Horizons,[4][5] Beneath Ceaseless Skies,[6][7][8],Sisters of the Revolution[9] and Uncanny Magazine.[10].


R.B. Lemberg was born in the Ukraine on September 27, 1976. They lived in Russia and Israel before emigrating to the United States for graduate school at University of California, Berkeley.[11]They live in the Midwestern United States with their spouse, Bogi Takács, who is also queer, trans, and an Eastern European Jewish individual.[12][13] They are a professor,[14] and study and teach sociolinguistics.[13]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Selected bibliography[edit]


  • An Alphabet of Embers – Stone Bird Press, 2016
  • Here, We Cross (An Anthology of Queer and Genderfluid Poetry from Stone Telling 1–7) – Stone Bird Press, 2012.


  • Marginalia to Stone Bird Aqueduct Press, 2016


  1. ^ Dr. Lemberg's preferred pronoun is singular they, which this article uses.


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