Rosebery Park

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Rosebery Park
Location Oatlands, Glasgow, Scotland
Coordinates 55°50′17″N 4°14′10″W / 55.838°N 4.236°W / 55.838; -4.236Coordinates: 55°50′17″N 4°14′10″W / 55.838°N 4.236°W / 55.838; -4.236
Owner Glasgow City Council (after 1961)
Type Stadium
Surface Grass
Opened 1918
Closed 1990s
Demolished 2000s
Shawfield F.C. 1918–1960
Pollok F.C. 1926–1928
Glasgow schools' football 1963–1990s

Rosebery Park was a football ground in the Oatlands district of Glasgow, Scotland. It was the home of Shawfield F.C. from 1918 to 1960, before being acquired by Glasgow Corporation as a venue for schools' football matches.

The discovery that the site was contaminated led to the ground becoming derelict in the 1990s, and it was subsequently demolished as a result of the M74 motorway extension.[1][2]


Rosebery Park was named after the former Prime Minister, the 5th Earl of Rosebery.[3] Located on the south-west side of Toryglen Street near Polmadie Road,[citation needed] it was the home of Shawfield Juniors. Pollok also sometimes used the ground in the late 1920s whilst they were without a permanent ground.[4]

Following the demise of Shawfield Juniors, the Glasgow Corporation Education Committee arranged to buy the ground in 1961 in order to provide a venue for the schools' football competitions they organised.[5] After being refurbished at a total cost of £14,000, the ground was reopened for schools' matches in April 1963.[6]

Rosebery Park had not hosted football for a number of years as it had become contaminated by Chrome waste from factories in nearby Shawfield, Rutherglen.[7][8]


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