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Rossini's Ghost is a 1996 Devine Entertainment production for HBO Original Films shot in Istria, Croatia in the small mountain town of Labin. The film was directed by David Devine and created and produced by David Devine and Richard Mozer. It stars Joseph Di Mambro, Melissa Pirerra, Frances Bay, Margaret Illmann, Janee Mortil, Lally Cadeau, and Tony Nardi.

Rossini's Ghost is the story of a composer whose friends never lose faith in him—even when things go wrong. With an invisible little girl as his assistant, Gioachino Rossini overcomes the disastrous opening night of The Barber of Seville to give the world one of its most beloved operas.

The CD and soundtrack, produced by David Devine for Sony MUSIC of New York, contains some of Rossini's best known works and it was recorded at the Slovak Opera House with an 88-person symphony orchestra conducted by Ondre Leonard.

The film was released on DVD and has been watched in over 100 countries on television. The film and its corresponding Teacher's Guide is used in numerous U.S. elementary and middle schools by music teachers for music classes. Rossini's Ghost was the seventh of seven films made for HBO for the 7- to 14-year-old set, introducing them to the joys and the wonders of classical music and their composers.

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