Rossiter Bay

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Rossiter Bay
005 Rossiter Bay Cape Le Grand NP I-2013.JPG
Rossiter Bay from Mississippi Hill, Cape Le Grand National Park, January 2013.
LocationGreat Australian Bight
Coordinates33°57′50″S 122°17′10″E / 33.964°S 122.286°E / -33.964; 122.286Coordinates: 33°57′50″S 122°17′10″E / 33.964°S 122.286°E / -33.964; 122.286
Basin countriesAustralia

Rossiter Bay is on the southern coast of Western Australia, in the Cape Le Grand National Park east of Esperance. The bay is noted as the place where explorer Edward John Eyre and his Aboriginal companion Wylie met the crew of the French whaling ship Mississippi in June 1841, having completed a crossing of the Nullarbor Plain.

It is named for Captain Thomas Rossiter, the Englishman who commanded the Mississippi.[1]

The bay contains a long, curving sandy beach which is often covered with dry seagrass.[2] To the west lies Lucky Bay which was named by Matthew Flinders.

The bay is accessible by conventional vehicle along a road ending in a carpark. This point is the trailhead for the Le Grand Coastal Trail.[3]

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