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Origin São Paulo, SP, Brazil
Years active
  • 2002 (2002)—2005 (2005)
  • 2017 (2017)—present
Associated acts
Members Aline Wirley
Fantine Thó
Karin Hils
Li Martins
Luciana Andrade

Rouge is a Brazilian pop girl group formed in 2002, through talent show Popstars, aired by SBT and produced by the Argentine company RGB Entertainment. The group was originally composed by Aline Wirley, Fantine Thó, Karin Hils, Li Martins (then known as Patrícia Lissah) and Lu Andrade, until Luciana's departure from the group was announced in 2004. The members were selected from 30,000 candidates and signed a deal with Sony Music.

The group's first studio album, Rouge (2002), sold more than 2 million copies in Brazil. The success of the album was boosted by the songs "Não Dá pra Resistir", "Beijo Molhado" and, mainly, "Ragatanga", this one that helped to establish the group like a national phenomenon, being denominated of "the Brazilian Spice Girls". With the success of the group's debut album, a remix album titled Rouge Remixes was released in the same year, targeting the electronic music audience. The second studio album, C'est La Vie (2003), sold approximately 900,000 copies, and produced hits "Brilha La Luna", "Um Anjo Veio Me Falar" and "Vem Cair na Zueira". After the departure of Andrade, the four remaining members continued and released the albums Blá Blá Blá (2004) and Mil e Uma Noites (2005).

The group split definitively on December 20, 2005, when the contract with Sony Music expired and was not renewed. Over four years, the group sold about 6 million records,[1] becoming the most successful female group in Brazil and received in all, three gold records, three platinum albums, one double platinum album by the ABPD.[2] Under the guidance of their mentor and entrepreneur, music producer Rick Bonadio, they embarked on sold-out tours throughout Brazil and several countries in Latin America, Europe and Africa. They were also stars of commercials and television programs, as well as the faces of various licensed products such as Sticker album, sandals and dolls.

On October 17, 2012, the group announced that it would make a return for the realization of some shows, but without member Luciana Andrade.[3] Although they recorded new songs in 2013, the return was not due to the bureaucracies.[4] On September 12, 2017, the group announced through its official Facebook page a show with the original lineup,[5] for October 13, 2017 in Rio de Janeiro, celebrating its 15 year career. A new show was scheduled for October 14 after the first concert tickets sold out.[6]


2002: Popstars formation and Rouge[edit]

The goal of the first season (2002) of the Brazilian version of the show Popstars was to form a girl group. Thousands of young women participated the first phase of the show in São Paulo and, through tests, five girls were selected by three judges: Rick Bonadio, music producer, Alexandre Schiavo, Sony Music Brazil Vice-President of Marketing and Iara Negrete, vocal coach to form Rouge. While Popstars had a good rating for SBT, nobody expected Rouge album (released by Sony Music) to be as big as it ended up being.

In 2002, they released their debut self-titled album, which was tremendously successful and sold over 1,2 million copies[7] in Brazil, receiving the Diamond certification.[8] Part of the unexpected success was due to the song "Ragatanga" (the Portuguese version of Las Ketchup's global hit The Ketchup Song (Asereje)), which became a huge phenomenon in the country when released. Rouge was particularly popular among young girls and shoe-line, dolls, candies, toys, among other licensed products were released targeting the public.

2003–04: C'est La Vie and Andrade's departure[edit]

Their second album came in 2003, named C'est La Vie. The lead single, "Brilha La Luna", performed well on Brazilian charts, but was not as huge as Ragatanga. The album went Platinum (350.000 copies sold).[8] In February 2004 Luciana left the group before the release of the third album due to personal reasons.[9][10] She would not reveal what prompted her to leave the group, but many newspapers says the reason was the fights with Fantine. Fantine attacked constantly Luciana in media and claimed that she did not sing good parts in the songs because most solo parts sung by Luciana and Karin. But the Fantine's disgust by Luciana began hearings on Popstars. In 2002 on the Sônia Abrão's program Falando Francamente (en: Speaking Frankly), Fantine said she did not like Luciana and she was the only one she did not want the group, but said they had become friends. Luciana was forbidden to record a solo album for seven years for breaking the contract. The ban was completed in 2010.

2004–05: Blá Blá Blá, Mil e Uma Noites and breakup[edit]

In June 2004 when the public thought Rouge would break up, Blá Blá Blá was released. The title song was also successful. Blá Blá Blá was certified Gold;[8] although the album sold well, its sales are low in comparison to Rouge's previous albums.

The group released a greatest hits compilation, named Mil e Uma Noites, in 2005. The album featured six previously unreleased songs, featuring the hit song "Vem Habib (Wala Wala)", and went Gold (50,000 copies sold). Since then, any new material from Rouge was announced or released. The group formally broke up in December 2005.

2006–11: Solo careers and reunion plans[edit]

Patricia Martins changed her name to Lissah Martins in 2007. She became a musical actress and starred some plays, including the Brazilian montage of musical Miss Saigon and The Beauty and the Beast. She released few singles by Walt Disney Records as the Brazilian version of the High School Musical's song "Gotta Go My Own Way", entitled "Vou Ser do Jeito Que Sou (en: I'll Be The Way I Am).[11] In 2011 the Brazilian producer E.Motion released the single "Promise (Till The End Of Time)" featuring Lissah and DJ Tonanni.[12] Luciana Andrade was prevented from release an album for 7 years, because breaking the contract in 2004. During this period she did backing vocals for famous singers and participated in festivals and music events. Luciana also recorded many live songs for her fans and made some pocket during this years. For a long time she refused to sing Rouge's songs, but in 2008 she returned to sing songs like "Um Anjo Veio Me Falar". In 2010 the ban for breaking the contract in 2004 is over and she released the independent album Tão Diferente (en: So Different) with live songs recorded at pocket shows and 4 studio recordings. In the same year she released a free digital album, Ao Vivo Music (en: Live Music). She also participates in musical, she starred in Cinderella.

Aline Silva change her name to Aline Willy and, in 2006, planned to release a pop album, but was canceled. In 2009 release a samba album Saudade do Samba (en: I Miss the Samba) and received good reviews, but unsuccessfully sales. Currently she participates in musicals such as Hairspray, Hair and Aladdin. Karin Hills tried to release an album, but failed to record. In 2008/2009 worked as a backing vocalist for the rapper Tulio Dek. In 2010 she played a role in the Brazilian montage of Hairspray, as Motormouth Maybelle. In 2012, she portrayed Bernardete in Rede Globo's Aquele Beijo.

Before moving to the Netherlands Fantine formed the Thó Band with her brother Jonathan Thó and release some singles and music videos. Fantine continuously writes and records with artist such as Clay Perry, currently on tour with Julio Iglesias, Jean Dolabella, former drummer of Sepultura and Marcelo Lima who is known to collaborate with George Benson. Her album "Dusty but New" is a live recording session at Sandlane Studios from the Netherlands produced by Joost van den Broek composer and member of the band "After Forever". The album is a combination of songs written between 1996 and now and available for free download on soundcloud. Fantine is taking part in The Voice of Holland season 4, singles available for download on iTunes.

In 2010 the fans started a petition to the group's return. The intention of the petition was recording a DVD celebrating 10 years of career in 2012. The petition started on the Internet, but received attention from the television because of the video aired on YouTube and had millions of views. In a few months, the Twitter of 5 members began to have thousands of messages asking for the return of the Rouge. In 2011, Li (formerly known as Patricia), Aline and Karin accepted a return, and Sony BMG showed interest in the DVD recording, but the fight between Luciana and Fantine was a hindrance to the return. Recently, Fantine said she'd stumble back to the group as long as they record new songs. Luciana said in an interview that she had no interest in returning to the group.

2012–16: Comeback attempt and avoidance[edit]

In late 2012, rumours about a return restarted on social networks, specially Twitter, as Rick Bonadio, producer of the band and judge of Popstars show, posted the hashtag #VoltaRouge (en: Come Back Rouge). Some meetings of the girls were noticed and published through the web. Officially, a return of the band was confirmed by Bonadio and the girls itself, although Luciana Andrade refused to join the band members, saying that she needed to be truthful with herself and her decision.[13] Luciana also said that "They are Rouge, the girls that stayed. They are the soul of the group, so they are the ones who must come back".[14] A tour commemorating 10 years of creation of the group was confirmed for 2013, in Brazil. Along with it, a new Realitty Show for Multishow, Fabrica de Estrelas broadcast was announced for Bonadio to select girls for a new girlgroup. Rouge will have some appearances on the show showing the process of composition, recording and release of two new singles.

The new single, "Tudo É Rouge" (en: It's All Rouge) was confirmed for releasing April 2013, along with the start of the new reality show.[15] Fantine shares that she went scouting for songs knowing Rouge would soon be recording, Luke Christopher, songwriter and rapper who works alongside Common, sent them "No Feeling", "love at first sight" said Fantine. Karin and Fantine wrote the Portuguese version of the original song and released "Tudo Outra Vez" (en: All again).[16]

Bonadio and Lissah/Patricia said in interviews that "it's not a goodbye tour. We don't discard the possibility of a definitive come back". The original come back plans include a three months tour in Brazil, a live CD-DVD release, and a few new songs.

Despite all efforts, though, bureaucracy got in their way as they were not the legal owners of the name and brand Rouge, this being owned by their previous recording label. Bonadio and the girls decided on quiting the plans for a return as well as the release of single "Tudo É Rouge", and an apologizing letter for the fans was released through social media.[17]

In 2015, Patricia (now going with stage name Li Martins, her middle and surname respectively) joined the cast for reality TV show A Fazenda (Brazilian version of Swedish Reality Show The Farm) in Rede Record channel. Some comments she made in the show led fans to believe new comeback plans have been discussed with the girls, but no official information was released yet.[18]

2017–present: Return and 15 years[edit]

In August 2017 the 15th anniversary of the Rouge was intensely celebrated by the fans and all the former members. The following month, the official profile of the "Tea House of Alice", show published a pink banner with the words: "If alone they already cause, imagine together."[19][20] The image caused an uproar among fans, who began speculating that the group might be the theme of one of the parties.[20]

On September 12, the profile released a pink and glittery image, alluding to the cover of the first CD and promising an official statement the next day. The show not only marks the 15 years of the group, but also the return of Luciana Andrade.[19] On September 13 was announced the return of the group with the original formation on October 13. On September 14, tickets were put up for sale and sold out in a minute. But as there were problems with some purchases, it was still possible to get some tickets. After three hours, the organization of the event announced that the five thousand tickets had been exhausted and an extra show was scheduled for the following day.[21][20][22]

After the first show on October 12, the group announced that it will tour all over Brazil in 2018, in addition to recording a new DVD.[23]



Even before the Rouge group became a success, there was already a planning by its producers to launch several products using the name of the members of the group, and the brand Rouge itself.[24] Initially, the group starred commercials of Marisa's women's store network, campaigning for Mother's Day and Christmas, and even with autographed stickers of the members being distributed through Marisa stores throughout the country. Baby Brink dolls were also produced for the five members of the group, which were distributed as of September 9, 2003.[25] The group also closed with a contract with Arcor, a company that produced chewing gum, confectionery and Easter eggs, all with the image of the girls. More than seven types of products were produced to promote the Rouge group.[26]

In 2003, Editora Abril launched the illustrated Rouge book, with 180 figurines for fans of the group to collect[27] and the following year, Kromo Publishing launched a picture book composed of 72 photos of Rouge girls for fans to collect and paste in the picture book.[28] The quality of the chromos was well connoted by the collectors of figurine albums. The group also launched the "Sandália Rouge" by Grendene, shortly after becoming a media success, the following year they launched a new sandal, which came with a pendant. The last launch with Grendene, was the Tamanco Rouge, a great sales success.[29] There has also been a brand of school products launched at the height of the group, however, due to the fact that it is a rarity, it is difficult to know which company was responsible for this release.

In 2011, Tilibra launched a line of notebooks inspired by the group, with a different color for each notebook.[30]

Concert tours[edit]


  • Turnê Popstar (2002—03)
  • Turnê C'est La Vie (2003—04)
  • Turnê Blá Blá Blá (2004)
  • Turnê Mil e Uma Noites (2005)


  • Turnê Planeta Pop: Rouge & Br'oz (2004)

Promotional tours

  • Turnê Chá Rouge (2017—present)


Name Birth name Date Birth
Aline Wirley Aline Wirley da Silva (1981-12-18) 18 December 1981 (age 35) São Paulo, São Paulo
Fantine Thó Fantine Rodrigues Thó (1979-02-15) 15 February 1979 (age 38) Barra do Garças, Mato Grosso
Karin Hils Karin Pereira de Souza (1979-02-18) 18 February 1979 (age 38) Paracambi, Rio de Janeiro
Li Martins Patricia Lissah Kashiwaba Martins (1984-03-29) 29 March 1984 (age 33) Rolândia, Paraná
Lu Andrade Luciana Andrade (1978-09-18) 18 September 1978 (age 39) Varginha, Minas Gerais

Members timeline[edit]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nomination Result
2002 Prêmio Qualidade Brasil Best New Group Rouge Won
Prêmio Austregésilo de Athayde Best New Group Rouge Won
Prêmio Jovem Brasil Best New Group Rouge Won
Best Song Ragatanga Won
2003 Video Music Brasil Viewer's Choice Brilha La Luna Nominated
4th Latin Grammy Awards Best Pop Album By A Duo Or Group With Vocal Rouge Nominated
Prêmio Multishow Best New Group Rouge Won[31]
Best DVD O Sonho de Ser Uma Popstar Nominated[31]
Prêmio Miscelânea Design (ABRE) Best Music Album Art CD + DVD C'est La Vie Won
Meus Prêmios Nick (Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards Brazil) Best Song Brilla La Luna Won
Best Video Brilla La Luna Won
Prêmio Troféu Imprensa Best Group Rouge Won
2004 Video Music Brasil Viewer's Choice Blá Blá Blá Nominated
Prêmio Academia Brasileira de Letras Best Group Rouge Won
Prêmio Troféu Imprensa Best Group Rouge Won
2005 Meus Prêmios Nick (Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards Brazil) Best Group Rouge Won

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