Round Hill, Nova Scotia

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Round Hill, Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
Round Hill, Nova Scotia
Round Hill in Nova Scotia

Coordinates: 44°46′24.78″N 65°24′10.13″W / 44.7735500°N 65.4028139°W / 44.7735500; -65.4028139 (Round Hill, Nova Scotia) Round Hill is a rural community in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, located in Annapolis County about 10 kilometres east of Annapolis Royal on Route 201.

John Whitman and his sons Elnathan (1785–1868) and Alfred (1797–1861 and grand-son George Whitman (born 1823) were farmers and political figures in Nova Scotia born at Rosette (later Round Hill). The Massachusetts Loyalist James De Lancey settled in Round Hill in 1783.[1]


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