Rowan Gillies

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Rowan Gillies
Nationality Australian
Education BSci(Med) MB BS(Hons), FRACS
Occupation Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Rowan Gillies is a Plastic Surgeon from Sydney, Australia and is a VMO Plastic Surgery at Royal North Shore Hospital. He has a specific interest in skin cancer, reconstruction and breast reconstruction as well as the management of severe burns and trauma.[1] He is the youngest ever International Council President of the Nobel Prize–winning Médecins Sans Frontières.[2]

Educated at Sydney Grammar School and graduating with honours from the University of New South Wales, Dr Gillies is a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. [3] In January 2002 he became Australia's MSF leader and was thereafter elected as international leader that year.[4] He has worked on the field for MSF in some of the world's most troubled regions, including Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Liberia, Beirut, Congo and Sri Lanka.[5]

He was listed by The Age as one of "The 50 Australians Who Matter" in 2005.[6]

Dr Rowan Gillies delivered the prestigious 52nd annual Errol Solomon Meyers Memorial Lecture in 2009 in Brisbane, Australia.[7]

He is currently part of the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery, the findings of which were published in early May 2015.[8]

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