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Royce may refer to:



  • Ed Royce (born 1951), Republican Member of Congress from California
  • Elwyn E. Royce (1868-1960), American politician
  • Henry Royce (1863-1933), cofounder with Charles Stewart Rolls of the Rolls-Royce automobile company
  • Homer Elihu Royce (1820-1891), American lawyer, politician and jurist
  • Josiah Royce (1855-1916), historian and idealist philosopher
  • Kenneth W. Royce, American libertarian author
  • Mike Royce (born 1964), American comedian, screenwriter and television producer
  • Ralph Royce (1890–1965), United States Army Air Forces general during World War II
  • Robert Royce (1914-2008), Australian botanist
  • Ruth Royce (1893-1971), American vaudeville performer and silent film actress
  • Simon Royce (born 1971), English football (soccer) player
  • Winston W. Royce (1929–1995), computer scientist

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