Rozz Rezabek

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Rozz Rezabek
Also known asRozz Rezabek-Wright
Born (1960-06-04) June 4, 1960 (age 62)
GenresPost-punk, new wave
Years active1977–present
LabelsTruce, Tombstone Records, Imadethese Records

Rozz Rezabek-Wright (born June 4, 1960), usually Rozz Rezabek, is an American musician based in Portland, Oregon, formerly of San Francisco.

According to Willamette Week, Rezabek "gave ex-flame Courtney Love (once Courtney Harrison) her rocker name; he thrashed backstage with Johnny Rotten at the Sex Pistols' final show, took a teenage Joan Jett to Deep Throat, and shall be remembered in punk histories (his own forthcoming) ever after".[1]


Negative Trend[edit]

In 1977, Rezabek formed punk San Francisco-based band Negative Trend with guitarist Craig Gray (later of Toiling Midgets) and bassist Will Shatter (later of Flipper).[2][3][4][5][6] He left the band in March 1978, prior to their released recordings.

Theatre of Sheep[edit]

In 1980, Rezabek formed Portland new wave band Theatre of Sheep, who were popular locally but never made the jump to a wider audience.[7][8][9] Their 1983 cassette-only release, A Cathartic Aquacade, was produced and engineered by Greg Sage, leader of Portland punk band the Wipers. Theatre of Sheep's debut 12-inch extended play, A Quiet Crusade, was released on their own Sheepish label in 1983, followed by a cassette-only collection, Theatre of Sheep's Greatest Hits. The band broke up in 1984. Theatre of Sheep were later documented with the 2006 compilation album Old Flames.

Solo work[edit]

In an attempt to escape ongoing conflicts with several women (one being Love), Rezabek moved back to San Francisco for several years.[10][5]

Rezabek's first solo release, the Stockholm Today 7-inch EP, was released in 1986 by Truce. A 7-inch single, "Blue Blessing", followed in 1988, issued on Tombstone Records.

He appeared in the 1998 documentary film Kurt & Courtney, which also featured the Theatre of Sheep song "Pyramid's Babylon".[11]

In 1999, Rezabek released his first solo studio album, Lover Legend Liar.[12]


On November 3, 2007, Rezabek performed a set of Negative Trend songs in San Francisco at a Lennon Studios benefit for punk musician Johnny Genocide of No Alternative.[13]

Theatre of Sheep reunited for Portland shows at Slabtown in 2007.[1] and the closing of Satyricon in 2010.[14]


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