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Rubinstein is a surname of German and Yiddish origin, mostly found among Ashkenazi Jews meaning ruby-stone.[1] Notable persons named Rubinstein include:



  • Gillian Rubinstein (born 1942), English-born Australian author of children's books and for adults as Lian Hearn
  • Hadar Rubinstein (born 1967), Israeli Olympic swimmer
  • Helena Rubinstein (1872–1965), Polish-born American cosmetics entrepreneur and art collector
  • Hilary Rubinstein (1926–2012), British literary agent and publisher
  • Ida Rubinstein (1885–1960), Russian dancer with the Ballet Russe in Paris
  • Jacob Leon Rubenstein (1911-1967), birth name of Jack Ruby, American nightclub owner who killed Lee Harvey Oswald
  • James Rubinstein (1968), public school teacher in Milwaukee and Racine Wisconsin.
  • John Rubinstein (born 1946), American actor, singer, composer, director; son of pianist Arthur Rubinstein
  • Jon Rubinstein (born 1956), American computer scientist and electrical engineer instrumental in the creation of the iPod
  • J. Hyam Rubinstein (born 1948), Australian mathematician primarily interested in topology



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