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Rudhall of Gloucester was a family business of bell founders in the city of Gloucester, England, who between 1684 and 1835 produced over 5,000 bells.[1] The business was founded by Abraham Rudhall (1657–1736) and the earliest ring of bells he cast was for St Nicholas' Church, Oddington in 1684. He came to be described as the greatest bell-founder of his age. The business was continued by his eldest son, also called Abraham (1680–1735), his son Abel (1714–60), and three of Abel's sons, Thomas (?1740–83), Charles (1746–1815) and John (1760–1835). The business formally closed in 1828 but bells bearing John's name have been found with dates up to 1835.[2]

Five bells cast by Abel Rudhall in 1757 still hang in Wells Cathedral. Six bells, cast in 1714 by Abr. Rudhall, still hang at St Leonard's Church, Middleton, Greater Manchester. On September 14th, 2014, a special peal was rung to commemorate the 300th anniversary of their installation.

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Adlestrop where 4 bells cast by Abraham Rudhall in 1711 hang - unfortunately the bells are classified as unringable due to the poor state of the bell supports.


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