Rudra Pandey

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Rudra Pandey
Rudra Pandey Deerwalk.jpg
Nationality Nepali
Education Mehran University, Northeastern University
Known for Co-founder of D2Hawkeye; Founder of Deerwalk; Founder of Deerwalk Institute of Technology; Founder trailblazer of Hamro Party

Rudra Pandey (Nepali: रुद्र पाण्डे; born 1963) is a Nepali entrepreneur, currently serving as Executive Chairman of Deerwalk Inc., a healthcare analytics company based in Lexington, Massachusetts. Rudra, with his deep understanding of the healthcare software industry, has carved out a strategic technology base at Deerwalk that has competitive advantage over others.[1] He also serves as Chairman of Deerwalk Institute of Technology.[2] He is also the founder trailblazer of Hamro Party,[3] a new progressive democratic political party in Nepal. In 2017, he received the prestigious FNCCI Gold Award (Trendsetters) in the sector of Information Technology.[4]


Pandey holds a bachelor's degree in electronics engineering from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology and a Ph.D. in economics from Northeastern University.


Prior to founding Deerwalk and Deerwalk Institute of Technology, Pandey co-founded D2Hawkeye[5] where he served as Chief Technology Officer. After its acquisition by Verisk Analytics,[6] D2Hawkeye became Verisk Health where Pandey served as Chief Operating Officer. D2Hawkeye was a recipient of Governor’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Award in 2005.[7] Earlier in his career, Pandey worked as a business systems engineer, database architect, and as a consultant.


Pandey is involved in social work primarily via Deerwalk Foundation which has been doing work in the area of education, healthcare, tourism, sustainable development, agriculture and sanitation.[8] He has also contributed to organizations like Help Nepal Network.


Pandey was born in Naubise, Dhading, Nepal. He lives with his wife, Muna Pandey, in Lexington, Massachusetts. He has two daughters Erica Pandey and Mahika (aka Maia) Pandey.


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