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Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association (RSDA) is a registered charity[1] based in Rugby, Warwickshire that exists to promote and provide sport, recreation and leisure activities for disabled people in the local area.[2]


It is difficult to say exactly when Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association started as an association as sports activities for the disabled were being run at the sports centre, now known as The Ken Marriott Leisure Centre, in Rugby in 1975 by an ad hoc committee referred to as the Sport for the Disabled Committee. By June 1977, 6-month accounts were available for Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association, suggesting that the association had been formed in January 1977. Committee meeting minutes were still referring to “Rugby Sport for the Disabled Committee”, suggesting some overlap between the committee and the association.

By mid 1977 RSDA was certainly a thriving organisation. As well as their regular Saturday morning activities they were attending competitions around The Midlands and going on twinning trips abroad. The twinning trips eventually became tripartite weekends involving Rugby in England, Evreux in France and Russelsheim in Germany. The three towns hosted the annual weekends in rotation.

RSDA had also become heavily involved in raft-racing; an involvement that lasted over 20 years, culminating in crossing The English Channel in both 2002 and 2003,under the auspices of The Channel Crossing Association. During those 20 years the RSDA raft had won many races against able-bodies crews, had shot many weirs and had raced across the Menai Strait, navigating the treacherous tidal rapids, known as the Swellies.

Notable members[edit]

Karen Davidson (athlete), an RSDA member, won four medals, including a Gold at the 1984 Summer Paralympics in New York City.[3]

Iris Bingham, who is currently the World Crossbow Shooters Association World Champion for the Ladies Assisted Target Crossbow.

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