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Rui L. Reis
RLReis photo2.png
Native name Rui Luis Gonçalves dos Reis
Born 19th April 1967
Porto, Portugal
Residence Porto, Portugal
Nationality Portugal
Citizenship Portugal
Alma mater University of Porto and University of Minho, Portugal
Known for Biomaterials, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, controlled drug delivery, biomimetics, biodegradable polymers, natural origin materials, marine based resources, cork based materials
Spouse(s) Olga Paiva
Children Bernardo Luis Reis
Awards The ESAFORM 2001 Scientific Prize (2001), the Jean LeRay Award (2002) by the European Society for Biomaterials, the Stimulus to Excellence Award (2004) by the Portuguese Minister for Science and Technology, the Pfizer Award for Clinical Research (2007), the START Innovation award (2007), the yearly award of scientific merit of the University of Minho (2010), an Honoris Causa degree by University of Granada in Spain (2010), the George Winter Award by the European Society for Biomaterials (2011), The Gold Medal of Scientific Merit from the City of Guimarães (2011), International Fellow of Biomaterials Science and Engineering (FBSE, 2012), the Medal of Merit of the Portuguese Health Minister, (2014), the Clemson Award for Contributions to the Literature by the Society for Biomaterials (USA, 2014), the nomination as a Commander of the Military Order of Santiago de Espada by the Portuguese President of the Republic (2014), Honorary citizen of the city of Guimarães (birth place of Portugal, 2014) International Fellow of Tissue Engineering of Regenerative Medicine (FTERM, 2015), the Novo Banco Great Innovation Award (2015), the induction as a foreigner member of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) of the USA (2016), the European Award for Contributions to the Scientific Literature of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS-EU, 2017), the UNESCO Life Sciences Award (2017)

Rui Luís Reis is a Portuguese scientist known for his research in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, biomaterials, biomimetics, stem cells, and biodegradable polymers. Reis is Professor of tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and stem cells at the Department of Polymer Engineering, School of Engineering of the University of Minho, in Braga and Guimarães. He is the Director of the 3B's Research Group, part of the Research Institute on Biomaterials, Biodegradables and Biomimetics (I3Bs) of UMinho (, which specializes in the areas of regenerative Medicine, tissue engineering, stem cells and biomaterials. He is also the Director of the ICVS/3B´s Associate Laboratory of UMinho. He is also the CEO of the European Institute of Excellence on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. Rui L. Reis is also, since 2013, the Vice-Rector (Vice-President) for research and innovation of UMinho. Since 2007 he is also editor-in-chief of the Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.[1] He is since 2016 and until 2018 the Global (World) President of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS). He is the responsible and PI of the EU funded project for the creation of the new center of Excelence, with headquarters in AvePark in Caldas das Taipas - Guimarães, the Discoveries Center for Regenerative and Precision Medicine in a Teaming process between University of Minho, University College London, University of Porto, University of Aveiro, University of Lisbon, University NOVA Lisbon.

Reis was born and has always lived in Porto, being one of three children of a chemical engineering professor and a domestic. Reis spent a small part of his childhood in Metangula, Mozambique, a small town near Lake Niassa, while his father was engaged in military service during the Portuguese Colonial War.[2] He is married with Olga Paiva and has one son, Bernardo Reis (born in 2001). He is a strong supporter of FC Porto.

Reis began his research into biomaterials in 1990. He studies the development of biomaterials from natural origin polymers and their possible biomedical applications, including bone replacement and fixation, drug delivery carriers, partially degradable bone cements and tissue engineering scaffolding.[3] His team works under his leadership in the tissue engineering of many different tissues, namely: bone, cartilage, osteochondral, skin, tendon and ligaments, meniscus, intervertebral disks, as well as on peripheral and central nervous systems regeneration, diabetes treatment and cancer 3D disease models. In 2015 Reis' research team developed a new type of catheter which is made of hydrogel.[4]

In 2014 he was made a Commander of Portugal's Order of Saint James of the Sword[5][6] and in 2016, Reis was elected a foreign member of the United States National Academy of Engineering.[7][8] He has won many other awards, including the Jean Leray (in 2002) and the George Winter award (in 2011) the two major awards of the European Society for Biomaterials. Rui L. Reis was also awarded the Clemson Award for Contributions to the Literature by the Society for Biomaterials (USA, in 2014) and the Contributions to the Literature Award by the European Chapter of TERMIS (TERMIS-EU in 2017). He has an Honouris Causa by the University of Granada, Spain, in 2010.


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