Rusted Root Live

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Rusted Root Live
Live album by Rusted Root
Released 2004 (2004)
Rusted Root chronology
Welcome to My Party
(2002)Welcome to My Party2002
Rusted Root Live
The Best of Rusted Root
(2005)The Best of Rusted Root2005

Rusted Root Live is a 2004 live album by Rusted Root.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Voodoo"
  2. "Rain"
  3. "Martyr"
  4. "Lost in the Crowd"
  5. "Welcome to My Party"
  6. "Cat Turned Blue"
  7. "Women Got My Money"
  8. "Weave"
  9. "Powderfinger"
  10. "Blue Diamonds"
  11. "Heaven"
  12. "Send Me on My Way"
  13. "Ecstatic Drums"
  14. "Ecstasy"
  15. "Food & Creative Love"
  16. "Artificial Winter"
  17. "Too Much"
  18. "Hands Are Law"
  19. "Jack Kerouac"
  20. "Cruel Sun"
  21. "Scattered"
  22. "Back to the Earth"