Sábado de mierda

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Sábado de mierda
Sabado de mierda.png
Directed by Gregorio Rocha
Starring Rafa Punk
Release date
Running time
25 minutes
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

Sábado de mierda ("Saturday of Shit") is a 1988 Mexican film by Gregorio Rocha and his then-partner Sarah Minter, shot between 1985-1987.[1] The film is one of four independent films of the 1985-1991 period focusing on the lives of punk gangs in the Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl ("Neza York") suburb of Mexico City.[2] The specific gang was a group known as Mierdas Punks ("Shit Punks"), who were also featured in the documentaries Nadie es inocente (also by Minter), and La neta no hay futuro by Andrea Gentile.[3] The film is classified as a semi-documentary.[4]


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