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Sane may refer to:



  • Sané, a French and Senegalese surname (including a list of persons with this surname)
  • Sane Guruji, Indian author and social reformer
  • Dan Sane (1896–1956), American musician
  • Geeta Sane (1907–1991), Indian writer
  • Justin Sane (born 1973), American guitarist and singer for punk rock band Anti-Flag
  • Justin Bastard Sane (born 1976), American comic book writer
  • Leroy Sané (born 1996), German footballer
  • Narayan Sane (1909–2002), Indian cricket umpire
  • Sanjeev Sane, Indian political and social activist
  • Tidiane Sane (born 1985), Senegalese footballer
  • San E (born 1985), South Korean rapper


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