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Justin Sane
Anti-Flag - Reload Festival 2017 12.jpg
Justin Sane performing live at Reload Festival 2017
Background information
Birth name Justin Cathal Geever
Born (1973-02-21) February 21, 1973 (age 45)
Genres Punk rock, hardcore punk, skate punk, anarcho-punk
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, guitarist, musician
Instruments Vocals, guitar
Years active 1988–present
Labels RCA, Fat Wreck Chords, A-F, Sideonedummy
Associated acts Anti-Flag
Website www.justinsane.net

Justin Cathal Geever, known professionally as Justin Sane, is the lead guitarist, singer and songwriter of the United States-based musical group Anti-Flag, a punk rock band formed in 1988 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, known for its outspoken left-wing views. He holds dual US and Irish citizenship[1] and lives in Pittsburgh. His stage name was bestowed upon him by friends in Pittsburgh's punk scene.


Early life[edit]

Sane was born the youngest child in a working class Irish-American family, and cites his parents as inspirations. His parents were vegetarians and they opened the first vegetarian restaurant in Pittsburgh, inspiring Sane to become a vegetarian and animal rights advocate. As a boy he saw his parents participate in rallies, and as he got older he participated.

Sane's sister Lucy gave him his first guitar which got him into punk rock and hardcore. The first song Sane wrote was about a young person overdosing, and his second was about televangelists.


In 1988, Sane formed Anti-Flag with friend Pat Thetic.[2] In 1996, they released their first album, Die for the Government. Later that year, Andy Flag left the band as a result of personal disputes. Various band members came and went during 1997 and 1998, after which they finally settled on a permanent line-up consisting of Sane as lead guitarist/vocalist, Thetic as drummer, Chris Head as guitarist/backing vocalist, and Chris "#2" Barker as bassist/second vocalist.[3] In 1998, the band released their second album, Their System Doesn't Work For You.

In 1999 Anti-Flag released their third album, A New Kind of Army, and founded their own label, A-F Records. In 2001, they signed to Fat Wreck Chords after discussions with the label's owner, "Fat Mike" Burkett.[4] Following their switch to Fat Wreck Chords, the band released Underground Network.

Mobilize, recorded shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks, was released early 2002.[5] Anti-Flag released a split CD with Bouncing Souls seven months later. 2003 saw the release of The Terror State, produced by Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine. Anti-Flag's first DVD, Death of a Nation, was released in 2004. The DVD includes live footage, three music videos, an interview with the band, behind-the-scenes tour footage, and three montages compiled by the band.[6]

In 2006, Anti-Flag released For Blood and Empire on RCA Records. The Bright Lights of America was released in 2008.

In May 2008, Sane moved to East End, London; he has since returned to Pittsburgh.

On March 4, 2009, Sane jumped into the crowd at a concert at the LCR in Norwich to stop a scuffle which broke out and landed awkwardly, breaking his collar bone. This caused Anti-Flag to cancel the remainder of their tour with Rise Against and their upcoming headlining tour of Europe.[citation needed] The same year, a 2 track split album with Rise Against was released, originally given away with any merchandise purchase on the 2009 Rise Against/Anti-Flag/Flobots UK tour.[7]


Sane primarily uses ESP and LTD Eclipses, now almost exclusively after becoming an endorser of ESP. In the past, Sane used Gibson Les Pauls as well. Sane usually uses high gain Marshall amp heads like JCM800s, 900s, & 2000s and Marshall 1960 cabs. Sane and Head have used Orange and Hiwatt amplifiers and cabinets on recent tours.


Sane graduated from The Oakland School in Pittsburgh and the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in communications and minoring in political science.

Solo work[edit]

Sane has released several solo recordings, such as 2001's six-track EP These are the Days and 2003's Life, Love and the Pursuit of Justice. These recordings generally focus on love, family, and more everyday concepts rather than the politically charged stance of Anti-Flag. He is currently working on a new solo record, and has begun to preview new tracks during live performances.[8]





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