SK Benešov

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SK Benešov
SK Benešov logo.jpg
Full name SK Benešov
Founded 1913
Ground Městský stadion
Ground Capacity 8,000
Manager Luboš Zákostelský
League Bohemian Football League
2014–15 11th

SK Benešov is a Czech football club located in Benešov. The team currently plays in the Bohemian Football League, the third tier of the Czech football system.


In the 1994–95 season the club played in the Czech First League, the top flight of Czech football.[1] The club started with three wins and a draw from the first six matches,[2] but was beset by financial problems. The owner and only sponsor of the club, Miroslav Švarc, was taken into police custody on charges of financial criminality,[3] team coach Jaroslav Hřebík left after the first half of the season, and the players were not paid between October and February.[3]

Benešov's results did not improve and club captain Tibor Mičinec cited the club's financial situation as the reason for a run of 24 games without a win.[2][3] As a result, the team were relegated to the Czech 2. Liga for the 1995–96 season, but fell further, spending the 2000s in the Czech Fourth Division.[citation needed]

In June 2014 the club was promoted to the Bohemian Football League under coach Luboš Zákostelský.[4]

Historical names[edit]

  • 1913: AFK Benešov
  • 1929: Benešovský SK
  • ca. 1940: Slavoj Benešov
  • 1948: Sokol Benešov
  • 1949: Sokol ČSD Benešov
  • 1953: TJ Lokomotíva Benešov
  • 1971: TJ ČSAD Benešov
  • 1990: FK Švarc Benešov
  • 1996: FK Benešov
  • 1999: SK Benešov

History in domestic competitions[edit]

  • Seasons spent at Level 1 of the football league system: 1
  • Seasons spent at Level 2 of the football league system: 4
  • Seasons spent at Level 3 of the football league system: 8
  • Seasons spent at Level 4 of the football league system: 9


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