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Background information
OriginLos Angeles, California, U.S.
GenresElectronica, synth-pop, industrial metal
Years active2010–present
Associated actsModwheelmood, Blindoldfreak, Nine Inch Nails, Big Black Delta, Ladytron, Marnie, Muse, The Mayfield Four, Puscifer
MembersAlessandro Cortini

SONOIO is a solo project of Alessandro Cortini, part of the Nine Inch Nails lineup from 2005 to present, and a member of Modwheelmood. The name of the alternative rock/electronic project comes from the Italian phrase "sono io", which means "it's me".


On July 28, 2010, SONOIO released four tracks for free from its upcoming album. The first album, SONOIO Blue, was released in its entirety on September 14, 2010. SONOIO Blue is a nine-track album created entirely on Buchla modular synths,[1] and is available from iTunes,[2] Amazon,[3] and in various packages direct from the project's website.[4] One fan package included an electronic synthesizer called the "SuONOIO",[5] (Italian for "I make sound"), which contains samples and sound sources used in the album. This allowed fans to experiment with various effects and sounds from the album.[6]

On December 23, 2010, SONOIO released a free nine-track remix album entitled NON SONOIO.[7] There was no physical release of NON SONOIO, and it was released digitally for download. The album consists of reinterpretations of SONOIO Blue tracks by Ladytron, Big Black Delta, Turk Dietrich, Tremblexy, Implex Grace, Mat Mitchell, Surachai, Richard Devine, and Christopher Bissonnette.

On May 30, 2011, SONOIO released four tracks for free for the follow-up and companion album to the first: SONOIO Red.[8][9] SONOIO Red was released June 21, 2011. It is a nine-track album which is available for purchase from iTunes,[10] Amazon[11] and in various packages direct from the project's website.[4] On 20 September 2011, on the SONOIO Facebook page, it was indicated that a remix album for SONOIO Red was in production. This was made available as NON (Red) on 21 December, with a high definition download offered for a small fee alongside free MP3 files of the album.[12][13]

On July 12, 2013, it was announced via Twitter that a new SONOIO record was in the works, and that there would be "new music before the end of the year".

On September 15, 2014, a new video was posted by Alessandro Cortini's YouTube account for a song entitled Thanks for Calling.[14]

Cortini released his third and final album as SONOIO, Fine, in July 2018.[15]


In autumn 2011, SONOIO toured with Ladytron as the opening act in their Gravity the Seducer headline tour in North America.[16]


  • SONOIO Blue (2010)
  • NON (Blue) (Remixes, 2010)
  • SONOIO Red (2011)
  • NON (Red) (Remixes, 2011)
  • Fine (2018)

SONOIO Blue[edit]

1."Just Me" (Buchla 200[17])3:58
2."Suck Up Everything" (Buchla 200, Ultrabeat, Buchla 200e)3:34
3."Not Worth Remembering" (Buchla 200)4:48
4."Silence" (Buchla 200, Buchla 200e)3:20
5."Heartbeat" (Buchla 200, Jomox, Bass (electric), Reaktor Weedwacker ensemble)4:09
6."Hold On Let Go" (Buchla 200)3:41
7."Memory Loss" (Speakerphone, NI Massive, Bulcha 200e)1:55
8."Houdini" (Buchla 200e, NI Massive)4:06
9."Happy" (Buchla 200e)1:57

NON (Blue)[edit]

1."Houdini - Ladytron"3:49
2."Houdini - Big Black Delta"4:28
3."Not Worth Remembering - Turk Dietrich"4:44
4."Just Me - Tremblexy"4:28
5."Not Worth Remembering - Implex Grace"3:49
6."Houdini - Mat Mitchell"3:41
7."Hold On Let Go - Surachai"6:39
8."Not Worth Remembering_Letting Go - Richard Devine"4:53
9."Heartbeat - Christopher Bissonnette"6:28

SONOIO Red[edit]

1."No Fun"3:10
2."Can You Hear Me"3:01
6."As Long As You Make A Sound"4:32
9."See Yourself"2:09

NON (Red)[edit]

1."Can You Hear Me - Telefon Tel Aviv"3:28
2."Scientist - Drumcell"6:14
3."Minutes - Alan Wilder - expansion mix"5:31
4."Enough - Mark Verbos - sorted future remix"5:22
5."Scientist - Eric Avery"5:09
6."No Fun - Gino Robair"4:21
7."Can you hear me - IanCurtis"3:50
8."Minutes - Baseck"3:50
9."Enough - Except The Cat"6:31
10."Scientist - Daniel Myer"4:53


1."I Don't Know"4:29
3."Thanks For Calling"4:36
5."Vitamin D"3:33
6."Bad Habit"2:51
7."Under The Sea"3:43
8."What's Before"4:22
9."I Don't Know (Coda)"4:37


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