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SP&S class A-1[1]
Type and origin
Power type Steam
Builder Manchester Locomotive Works
Build date July 1907
 • Whyte 0-6-0
Gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm)
Driver dia. 51 in (1.30 m)
Loco weight 150,000 lbs (68 metric tonnes)
Fuel type Oil
Boiler pressure 180 lbf/in² (1,723 kPa)
Cylinders 2
Cylinder size 20x26 inches
Performance figures
Tractive effort 31,200 lbf
Operators Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway
Class A-1
Locale United States

The SP&S Class A-1 steam locomotives were a group of 5 identical locomotives. They were used in the rail yards at Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington, from 1907 to 1952. They were replaced with diesel-electric switch locomotives.


In 1907, the new SP&S needed equipment for regular operations. Company officials wanted 25 freight locomotives and two switch locomotives to start with.[2] The president of the Great Northern Railway advised SP&S officials that his railroad could contribute excess engines.[2] Because of this, only five switch locomotives were purchased for use in the terminal yards in Portland and Vancouver.[2]

Construction history[edit]

All five locomotives in Class A-1 were built by the Manchester plant of American Locomotive Company. Because of the availability of spare parts from the Northern Pacific Railway in Portland, OR, and Pasco and Vancouver, WA,[2] these locomotives were identical to Northern Pacific class L-9 switch locomotives.[3]

Operational history[edit]

All five locomotives were delivered to the SP&S in February 1908.[4] They were initially used in work service completing the North Bank line from Portland to Spokane.[4] Upon completion of the main line, these locomotives were transferred to the terminals for switching service. In late 1942 and early 1943 all 5 locomotives were assigned to the Portland Terminal yards as switch locomotives.[5] In 1946 locomotive number 2 was sold to the City of Prineville Railway.[1] With the arrival of SW9 switch engines 43-45 in 1951,[6] the remaining A-1 class steamers were retired in 1952.


These locomotives were numbered 1 to 5


Locomotive number 1 was scrapped April 25, 1952. Locomotive number 2 was sold to the City of Prineville Railway and renumbered as their number 7 on July 31, 1946. Locomotive number 3 was scrapped January 24, 1952. Locomotive number 4 was scrapped April 25, 1951. Locomotive number 5 was scrapped January 24, 1952.[1]


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