Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist

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Saban's Adventures of Oliver Twist (also known as Oliver Twist) is a French-American Animated series created by Saban Entertainment. It was aired from 1 February 1996 to 12 February 1997, totaling up to 52 episodes.

Based on the story of Oliver Twist, featuring anthropomorphic animals and occasionally humans.


  • Oliver Twist (Voiced by Mona Marshall) - A dog. An orphan on the run from the workhouse, trying to earn the respect of his friends Dodger and Charlie and hoping to find his mother, whom he got separated from.
  • Artful Dodger (Voiced by Brianne Siddall) - A rabbit. A cunning sort who is full of ideas.
  • Charlie Bates (Voiced by Tony Pope) - A pig. A laid-back sort who is pretty accident prone and greedy for food.
  • Nancy - A she-cat. A courteous and kind sort, who dreams of becoming an actress and stays with Fagin's fellowship.
  • Princess Annushka (Voiced by Barbara Goodson) - A dog. She is a runaway Russian princess who gives little regard for the boys and stays with Fagin's fellowship.
  • Fagin (Voiced by Bob MacGarva) - A fox. Leader of the fellowship of young thieves.
  • Mr. Bumble - A wolf. The master of the workhouse. Frequently sends out his two cat goons to try to capture Oliver and if possible his two friends as well.
  • Bill Sykes - A bear. A brutish ruffian of a man who makes threats by extortion and intimidation to gain his money.


Oliver escapes the orphan house and is on the run. While on the run he meets Dodger and together they go to Fagin. Fagin is the boss of a little gang and Oliver must prove himself, if he is worthy to stay; the orphan lord will stop at nothing to bring Oliver back.

Oliver and his friends, Dodger and Charlie, are making it a mission to find Oliver's mother and they make adventures along the way.


# Title Air Date
1 "Oliver's Narrow Escape"
Oliver makes his escape from the workhouse and his newfound Dodger leads him to the hideout of his fellowship. To ensure his stay, Oliver has to pass three tests, whilst avoiding Mr. Bumble and his two goons.
2 "Horsing Around"
Oliver, Dodger and Charlie go to the Ascott Steeple Chase in disguise. They get involved in the horse race eventually winning first place and Nancy comes in disguise to save them from Mr. Bumble and his duo.
3 "Show Time"
Oliver, Dodger and Charlie venture get an alligator from the sewers, hoping to start up a show, but Bill Sykes takes charge for the show. For that Dodger sets the alligator on Bill, then sets it free.
4 "That's the Spirit?"
Oliver, Doger and Charlie set off to rescue Fagin who is being held prisoner in the Tower. With the help of the ghost of a disgraced knight, Charlie frees Fagin and they make their escape and face two evil ghosts.
5 "The Big Cheese"
Dodger is mistaken for a French Prince. Rocquefort is trying to overthrow the French Prince to prevent a trade agreement for his own business. Oliver and Charlie help Dodger and they get trap Rocquefort as the real prince arrives.
6 "Misfortune Teller"
7 "Tour of the Town"
8 "Night Odyssey"
9 "Annushka's Winter Tale"
10 "Full of Hot Air"
11 "What a Nag"
12 "Hair & There"
13 "Treasure Hunt"
14 "Ship Unshape"
15 "Chimney Sweeps Gang"
Dodger gets himself and his two friends involved in a chimney sweeping job, but their masters Algernon and Ernest are using this as a cover to steal from houses. The three boys catch the crooks in their latest heist and clear their names.
16 "3 Boys and Baby"
17 "Thank you Fagin"
18 "Disguise and Dolls"
19 "Good Sports"
20 "A Trunk Full of Surprises"
21 "Get My Goat"
22 "River Regata"
23 "Clowning Around"
24 "Landing in London"
25 "Snow on the Go"
26 "Somewhere"
27 "Loads 'O Toads"
28 "Tsarina for a Day"
29 "Pudding 'Em in Their Place"
30 "The Not-so-great Train Robbery"
31 "That's Snow Way to Spend the Day"
32 "The Boys and the Bees"
33 "Oliver's Other Mother"
34 "River Raiders"
35 "Undercover Brother"
36 "The Little Lie"
37 "Jerkyl and Snide"
38 "King of a Dragon"
39 "New Friend At the Fellowship"
40 "Common Census"
41 "My Fair Fagin"
42 "The Long and The Short of It"
43 "It Takes Two to Tangle"
44 "The Trojan Cake"
45 "Muddadh Knows Best"
46 "You Can Go Home Again"
47 "The Great London Scavenger Hunt"
48 "Mystery Trail"
49 "Annushka's Game"
50 "Three Sides to Every Story"
51 "Ski No Evil"
52 "Major Magic"