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C-Train (Northeast Line) terminus
Calgary S200.jpg
A train at Saddletowne in May 2017
Coordinates 51°07′32″N 113°56′53″W / 51.12556°N 113.94806°W / 51.12556; -113.94806Coordinates: 51°07′32″N 113°56′53″W / 51.12556°N 113.94806°W / 51.12556; -113.94806
Owned by Calgary Transit
Line(s) Blue Line (202)
Platforms Center-loading platform
Connections 23 Foothills Industrial
59 Saddle Ridge
60 Taradale
61 Martindale
66 Blackfoot Express
71 Taracove
85 Martin Crossing
159 Saddlebrook
176 52nd Street Express
445 Skyview Ranch
Structure type At-grade
Parking 141 spaces
Disabled access Yes
Opened 2012
Preceding station   CTrain   Following station
Blue LineTerminus

Saddletowne station is a CTrain light rail station in Calgary, Alberta. It serves the Northeast Line (Route 202). It opened on August 27, 2012 as part of a 2.9-km (1.8 miles) extension from McKnight–Westwinds station.[1]

It is the new terminus of the N.E. line and is located in the community of Saddle Ridge in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The station itself is located in the northwest corner of Saddletowne Circle N.E., a large roundabout which encompasses the Saddleridge Town Centre, a commercial and activity centre, with planned medium-density residential development and community facilities.[2] The station has a Park and Ride with a 141-stall capacity.

The station is a center-loading, walk-on island platform; very similar to McKnight-Westwinds and Somerset-Bridlewood stations.

Construction on the extension started in the spring of 2010 and completed, for its grand opening block party, on August 25, 2012.[3] The extension has been delayed by almost one year, as it was initially planned to open in late 2011.

The northeast line will be extended to the north, once those areas are developed enough to support LRT infrastructure, likely around 2023 or beyond.


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