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Saima Noor

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Saima Noor
Born Multan, Pakistan
Occupation Actress, Model
Years active 1987-Present
Spouse(s) Syed Noor

Saima is a Pakistani actress who has appeared in Punjabi and Urdu films. Saima has acted in over 200 movies. She will be appearing Shahzad Rafique's upcoming 2016 biographical film Salute. She has also recently appeared in Shahzad Rafique's 2013 movie Ishq Khuda and in her husband's (Syed Noor's[1]) 2010 film Wohti ley ke jaani ay.


Saima was introduced to the film industry by Nagina Khanum, making her debut in the 1987 film Griban. She then starred in her secound film, Khatarnaak, which was directed by Akram Khan[1]

Personal life

Despite being romantically linked to Syed Noor, it was not until in A May 2007 Press Conference where Saima publicly stated that she married Syed Noor in July 2005.[1]

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