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Saint is a surname shared by several notable people, including:

  • Crosbie E. Saint (born 1936), American general
  • Eva Marie Saint (born 1924), American actress
  • Johnny Saint (born 1941), English professional wrestler
  • Lawrence Saint (1885–1961), American stained glass artist
  • Nate Saint (1923–1956), American evangelical missionary pilot killed in Ecuador (brother of Rachel)
  • Percy Saint (1870-1958), American politician
  • Rachel Saint (1914–1994), American evangelical Christian missionary who worked in Ecuador (sister of Nate)
  • Saint Saffold (born 1944), American football player
  • Silvia Saint (born 1976), Czech porn actress
  • Steve Saint (born 1951), Ecuadorian/American business entrepreneur, pilot and author (son of Nate)