Saint Dominic's Cathedral, Fuzhou

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St. Dominic's Cathedral
The Pan-ship Oura Catholic Church.
Interior of the cathedral.

Saint Dominic's Cathedral (in Chinese 福州圣多明我主教座堂) is the main Cathedral in Fuzhou (Fujian) and it is at the side of the Minjian River in China. It is also known as the Pan-ship Oura Catholic Church.

The Church was founded in 1864 by Spaniard Dominican religious.

In 1911, the Pan-ship Oura Catholic Church was erected as the Catholic Cathedral of the Diocese of Fuzhou. In 1932 the old building was remodeled in an area of 1371.4 square meters that can accommodate 2,000 people. Before 1949, of more of the 10,000 Catholics of Fuzhou, half of them did belong to the church (5153 people).

Following the Cultural Revolution, the church was closed in 1966 and it was used for other purposes. It was reopened in 1985. In 1994 was the center of worship of about 16,000 Catholics and it still gather the half of the Catholic population of the Fuzhou.

The church is now listed among the major cultural relics of the Fujian Province. Urban developments of the South Riverside Avenue in 2008 were conducted by the Academy of Building Research in order to make some modifications without altering its beauty and original conception.[1]


Coordinates: 26°03′04″N 119°19′12″E / 26.05111°N 119.32000°E / 26.05111; 119.32000