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This article is for the station that commenced broadcasting in 2013. For the station that broadcast from 2004 to 2012, see Saint FM.

Saint FM Community Radio is a radio station serving the South Atlantic island of Saint Helena. The station is owned by Saint FM Community Radio (Guarantee) Limited, a charity company legally registered in St. Helena and limited by guarantee. The station's studios and administration offices are located at Association Hall, Main Street, Jamestown. Its membership comprises those of the island's population who wish to join.


Following the closure of the original Saint FM on 21 December 2012 it was widely felt that the island had need of a non-government-operated independent radio station.

On 15 January 2013 a group of radio enthusiasts met at Association Hall and a management committee was formed with the goal to get Saint FM back on air. The idea of a community-owned and operated station emerged and in The Independent newspaper[1] on 18 January 2013 it was announced: "It’s Official – SaintFM is Coming Back".

A broadcasting licence application was made in Mid-January 2013 with a license being granted on Friday 22 February.[2]

The station commenced test transmissions in Jamestown on 106.7 MHz on 23 February 2013[3] and also on 93.1 MHz (west), and 95.1 MHz (east) on 9 March. The official launch was at 8am on Sunday 10 March 2013.


The station officially opened at a few minutes after 8am on Sunday 10 March 2013.[4][5] After an opening greeting by Les Baldwin the first track played was The Show Must Go On by Queen, the chairperson of Saint FM Community Radio, Julie Thomas, delivered a welcoming speech.


Saint FM Community Radio offers membership to all who wish to join. As of 26 April 2013 membership stood at 716,[6] making it the largest community group on St. Helena.


Saint FM Community Radio relies on advertising income, membership fees, fundraising and donations to keep it operational. One such fundraising activity was Tony Leo’s “Radio Marathon”; broadcasting non-stop for 27 hours (apart from five-minute toilet breaks) Tony raised much-needed funds for the station. Tony's record was beaten on 22-23 May 2015 by Les Baldwin who managed 32 hours.[7] Other events have included tea parties, dances, raffles, concerts and a ‘Market Day’.[8]

Frequencies and coverage[edit]

  • 106.7 MHz from Association Hall, Jamestown, serving Jamestown, The Briars and some parts of Alarm Forest
  • 93.1 MHz from a residence just below High Knoll Fort, serving Half Tree Hollow, St. Paul's and the eastern parts of Blue Hill
  • 95.1 MHz from 'Foxy's Garage', serving Longwood and the East of the island

Saint FM Community Radio is also available worldwide via Internet Radio.

Saint FM Community Radio is also rebroadcast in the Falkland Islands (as part of a cable channel) and Ascension Island (on 91.4 MHz and 95.5 MHz). Both these places have a substantial population of 'Saints' (as St. Helenians are commonly known).


A suitable transmission site is being sought to serve Blue Hill and Sandy Bay on the 91.1 MHz frequency.


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